Screenshot resolution problem

My theme was soft rejected because there is a problem with the screenshot resolution, the reason was: “Please make sure your screenshot’s resolution is complying with the following standards, we’ve detected some incorrect resolutions. (Portrait: from 700px to 900px high, Landscape: min resolution of 1280 x 720 and aspect ratio of 16:9).”

My screenshots are here:

I do not understand that I should correct the images.

better to keep all screenshots resolution max width and height 800px

Do you mean the width and height will be the same size, I have the same problem that my screenshot resolution is width: 460px and height 900px

no, they can be different.

Thanks for your reply, this is the third time I uploaded my item again with the same resolutions they recommend using: 460x900
But it’s the same result, I don’t know what I did wrong

make sure reviewer referring screenshots not large preview image. large preview image will be 590x300 and screenshots images width less than 800 and height can be different based on the width ration ( height less than 800px is better but not required)

Ok thanks, I will submit using these resolutions therefore.