what is the best screen for web design?

hello guys
what is the best screen for web design?

  1. 1920 * 1080
  2. 1366 * 768

The bigger the better so of course at least 1920 * 1080 or ideally even bigger.

1366 * 768 is enough maybe for some backed work, but you can’t properly test frontend on that considering that many people have displays with much bigger resolutions.

thank you

I have another question.

which resolution used by Themeforest reviewer? all of the resolution?

if a template has a good design but has some resolution problem, is this hard reject?

They definitely test on various resolutions. But this is not about review, you don’t want your potential buyers saw a broken site on their device.

If you site appears broken on a particular resolution then of course it will be rejected. It is 2020, your site have to look good on ALL common screen sizes. That’s why you should buy a big enough screen. You can test downward by simply resizing the window, but you obviously can’t test upward.

@LSVRthemes Can i test with inspect ? i can check larger size with this

No. You have to buy professional display for $3999.

Joking. You can use whatever works for you. Nobody cares how do you gonna test it. The final result is what matters. Using appropriate hardware is mainly for your own comfort. You can use old 640x480 CRT monitor if you can deliver well optimized sites using it.

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