Need Help Soft Rejected

Hi guys,
Here is the feedback from our review team:
The overall theme quality needs to be improved and the design is not consistent. Please match the elements better. Images are of poor quality, please improve this as well.

Here are some examples:

Live Link : Bailly – Elementor WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Please can someone help? What Should I Change Now ?

Thanks and Regards

I think the reviewer should change their own screen resolution. :slight_smile:

@themecube What I need to do ?

You can use the Chrome dev tools for large screens.

I think the reviewer use a resolution like that and website looks a little bit different (paddings, font size etc.) I am having the same problem too.

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@themecube Thanks you!

can i get demo 2, demo 3 or another demo instead of the current demo? @themecube