What is going with the quality of new items on ThemeForest??

What is going on, so many new items that are very poor quality and design. Is this result of trouble with review time? Logical it should be reverse. Just want to discuss about this. I think it’s bigger problem that we can imagine.

beauty is in the eye of the beholder… what you think is good, may look nice to someone else and it’s nice to have variety in the designs for buyers.

No Gareth. You don’t understand. The OP is right.

In the last few months the quality of many new items is absolutely appalling. This is NOT about beauty being in the eye of the beholder. Spacing is off, color is awful, fonts and typography is crap, etc. Some themes are just ridiculously bad that they look like hard reject items. It is not ok for you to come on this forum and make comments like you do without accurate knowledge of what the OP is talking about.

wphunters, I agree with you

Check this for more opinions on this topic : Experiment with lowering the quality or what ?

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I do undeerstand, I am a buyer here, the quality imho hasn’t gone down but the trends have moved and we are seeing a better variety available.

Really? :))

I am totally agree when variety exist, but it should be at premium level! This is not acceptable.

Thanks for the post.

Quality is really getting down. So many items have already approved that don’t have that quality.To me themeforest is not a marketplace only . It is also a place for my inspiration. I have started loosing hope seriously.
I find no reason of giving so much time for a good quality item now.

that’s likely just an error on the demo, that’s not about quality… let the author know and they can fix it

If you look more deeper you will see problems with spacing, typography, etc… So stop saying that everything is ok on ThemeForest with quality.

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he’s been here doing that for donkeys years.