What happened to Themeforest?


So I’ve been out the game for a while now but I made new plans to start designing again. However, I was looking at new Themeforest items the other day and I couldn’t believe my eyes what I was seeing.

A year ago browsing new Themeforest items was fun. New items had high quality and looked great. The stuff that gets accepted now is really mediocre. Are there any quality requirements at all?

I’m really second guessing if I should post new stuff on Themeforest.

What’s your opinion about the quality of Themeforest items these days?

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Quality has dropped like a stone. BUT that does leave things wide open for those willing to break the mould for sure (assuming the reviewers are not actively seeking out these copy paste designs and you get something unique through the review system)

Recently I was looking for themes for my 2 friends and both my friends asked me “why all these themes have the same design”. It’s really hard to find something nice looking and unique, all bootstrap-like themes flood the market and unique themes are just somewhere on xx page with low sales because nobody will find them so in result authors stop produce quality items.