Experiment with lowering the quality or what ?

Looking at the items published in the last few days I can not escape the impression that something had gone wrong when it comes to the question of quality.


Yep it’s awful

Over last few months the quality of approved items on themeforest has plummeted. God knows what’s going on now…

The spinning text is back, poor styling, ugly typography, bad image quality, shocking designs

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And these items get no sales! Newsflash!

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And rejected authors compare that items with own items, Some of authors was very hopeful with their items and they got the reject message,
For example i have uploaded an item before 10 days. pending for review now
link - http://bootstraplovers.com/themeforest-html/amaze/
if i receive reject message after 10 days, i can’t believe and i will definitely goes to compare my item to other recently launches. and then i think my item is not a reject item if i compare to few others.