What is future of themeforest?

I quit my job to work on themeforest. I always had very good sales and I really earned good money, but now I added very good theme and sales are very low because of sorting items. Now I don’t see any sense to create new item, so I have a question. Will envato change default sorting or maybe they will promote new items? Or bestseller sorting is forever? I really don’t know what to do now. Sorry for English.

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I think they are focusing on Element, Themeforest is gradually being forgotten, LOL

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It is incredible. I am going to remove all my opencart themes from themeforest and sell on own website :frowning:

I am not a judge here but remember - nothing last forever - when I saw lower earnings on GR I moved forward to elements - now I have acceptable earnings on GR but I have really good earning from elements.

We can’t blame envato for some things - at the end of the road it is only our responsibility for our earnings. Peace :slight_smile:

There is many authors who make mockups… and we have “placeit” now which is I would call it killer for them

No excuses - if something is changing rules of this game you have to adapt to situation. :slight_smile:

I just want know what is future of sorting items. Is it forever?

this is question to envato team …

but let me tell you, we have same situation on elements - first are bestsellers / popular items - never new ones. :slight_smile:

one more thing… I had about 100 items on elements -> month later 65 items was deleted from elements during regular control - what I did? I I made next 250 new items - now they are selling, now there is 311 items hehehe

I could ask why etc. I choose to make a rain of items - and this one pays off now :slight_smile:

Anyway good luck to you :slight_smile:

I’m new author. Do you know how to get the invitation join Element? How to adapt to changes?

You need to write them here


My advice is to do it twice a month, maybe you will get there in next day maybe next month - but believe me - it’s worth of this. :slight_smile:

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Can I sell my themes on themeforest and elements in one time?

Envato is canibalizing all marketplaces for Elements and I don’t think they will stop any soon.

Very sad days, most of us here are exclusive and part of Envato, loving this markteplace in a way they have us stuck here but this will change soon, most authors are getting sick of this.

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@Nine-Themes yes, when you upload item on elements you can add item number from regular market. Also uploading on elements is without review, you can upload items in real time by yourself. So when you upload this item it is available in seconds on elements.

and on elements is something like “author bonus” - you can read about this in help center, last month bonus was 274$ :slight_smile:

@FWDesign - maybe yes… go for it - try elements. :slight_smile: