What i think of evato

To begin, I want to clarify that I am new here and that I speak Spanish.

When I started to draw on a computer I saw that I was drawing quite well and I saw drawings similar to mine (in style not in ideas) and I saw that they were sold at a good price, so I decided to sell them (before I wanted to make my video games), I searched the internet for “page to sell images” and I found evato, after a quick login I created an account and started uploading my pack of graphics, then I realized that it was not as easy as I expected: 1 upload the file with my pictures 2 sample picture 3 put price. Instead I found a number of specifications of size, file type, dimensions to print, comments, categories, etc, etc, ETC. After some arduous 3 hours uploading it, I was finally able to upload it to later find out that a person was going to review it. Three days passed and my item in the queue suddenly disappeared and I had no idea what had happened. Thanks to a forum I found out that they had sent me an email. I turned back my email and they actually sent me an email saying “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements” and what does it matter to evato that as long as it does not have inappropriate content, it should be fine. I saw a number of people in the forums with the same problem, then I started to think that maybe this page is a robbery that poster sends you and then it steals the product.

What I want is that in this forum people comment if the same thing happens to them and if someone has been able to sell something.

Regards @MaxMarinsac


No one steals your design especially as there would be no reason if it has been rejected.

Envato maintaining standards across their items (as best as can be done given the scale and size of the marketplace) is one of the key things that sets them apart and makes them the biggest marketplace around, and benefits buyers as much as authors and Envato themselves.

Very few marketplaces who do not directly own/create the files for sale have no review standards and certainly not the premium quality ones.

95% of the time when items are rejected there is a good reason, and the reviewer is right. 0% of the time is it so that they can steal or try to resubmit the item.

With respect this is simply not premium in any sense. It’s also still odd to have the cropped URL and esp. when some versions have watermarks and others do not.


Well, there are thousands of people who were able to sell something here, you can find their list here:

Your item was simply not good enough to be approved. Sooner you accept that, sooner you can move on and start improving.


If you would like other authors to give you advice, you can attach a preview of your rejected items here

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I think it’s ready to sell

The boat has wrong perspective. It is not isometric either. Take your time and try understand how this marketplace works.


I am not a GraphicRiver author, but even to my eyes this doesn’t look very good.

Unfortunately, it is not enough that you think it is ready to sell. It must meet some quality standards.


hi Max, i can identify your frustration, though, what u are expressing is something common for all people , the waiting, the possible rejection and so on … here this is not a get rich quick place and the bottom line is that there is much work for authors to do if they expect to earn some money … when it comes to rejections, we have spent a good deal of time to try to make you understand what u may have done wrong according to us with the item that u are showing again here, and leading your item to be rejected but it seems that u have rather chosen o ignore what u were told …

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we did this in another thread already …

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I can’t say it looks bad. But I think one of the main reasons for rejection is the lack of commercial potential. I cannot imagine a client who might need this.

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