What happens to the search results?

I’m worried!
What happens to the search results?
In the last 4 days I regularly search with the search engine and no one of my works is shown in the search !?
Envato, what is this mess?

It’s cause all the items are sorted by best sellers. So if your item isn’t best seller, it won’t be seen by customers, unless they change the sorting option in the right.

I’ve also been looking for different ways, but it’s the same!
Something happens here.
Even search by title of certain works … again the same.

Yes, i know this.

My portfolio completely stopped!

It’s same on me. I think, there’s a maintenance.

Hi my friend, a lot of us went through this, if not all , i am not sure …
sales are a complete mess for more than 2 days now, what are the geniuses doing again to bother authors, i have no idea … but everyone they come up with new things , this all ends up in the same way, making authors lives harder … and even sometimes the same also for buyers , which is even worst again!