Envato Team, Market Portfolio pages error...

Hello Here is the problem. I can’t even see any single portfolio…
happening from today morning…

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Hi @rosssimpson,

can you take a look on this i have face the same issue from my desk also.

Best Regards

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The same when I open the portfolio page of any author. Has anyone reported in support?
Edit: I sent the ticket.

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maybe GR or envato are making improvements. a few hours ago I also experienced it. now everything is fine

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Probably regular maintenance, having same issue…

Yes, portfolio page except own portfolio page doing this error mean only own portfolio page is working/displaying but when browsing other’s author portfolio the error page displaying. hope envato development team will fix it as soon as possible. @KingDog please can pass it to development team. Thanks

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I experienced the error since this morning (it’s already night here). Hope they fix this asap.

Yeah, it’s all over the market

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Eahh, :frowning: right… It’s all over the Market… No sales for today at least for all… Don’t know what Envato is doing?

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Maintenance? For more than 7-8 hours! No something is wrong… :scream::100:


We’ll let the Devs know and they will be working on a fix. Thanks for letting us know!


It’s same for me, too.

I think, something is severely damaged. Still not resolved… :cold_sweat: Hope this will normal soon…

me too
so scared wandering what happens …

Do not worry, the answer from the @KingDog was. It means that the error will be fixed soon!

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Hi, profile page is working fine but portfolio page not working. :cry:

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Its still there http://prntscr.com/nqlkcy
Didn’t solved yet!

you are right @unlockdesign I browse profile page and worked so thought solved. :stuck_out_tongue:

My portfolio is looking good didn’t face this issue in my account but when i’m visit other account that issue isn’t gone !

yes right. may be for Sunday it is still not fix. Hope will fix on Monday.