What happened?

Hi! Congratulations to all of on the coming year 2017, I wish all the big sales and new ideas! Friends, what happened? Why do AJ reject tracks? Most recently, my tracks are quality standards, but now, when I load rigidly reject … What has changed with the rules? Give counsel, what should I do? And what could be the problem?

I attach to the post some of the work;




Seems like rules are about to go out of hands, they got so much tracks to review it’s making a bit of a mess.
I have no idea, honestly all of them are alright. Solid decent Hip-Hop tracks. Somedays ago i heard one nice Hip-Hop track that being also rejected and i still have no clue why, only reason that i pointed out that track tend to be pure Hip-Hop without that pop stock music vibe. But honestly, i dunno mate. Anyways, like your tracks, cool sound. :sunglasses:


You do a great job!
Maybe it’s not the time to post these styles,
AudioJungle has a list of Segments, Trends,
This is the tip of the net! :slight_smile:

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It’s all highly subjective, to the point that one reviewer will reject your track on one day, but another will approve it on a different day - but what are you going to do? The world has too much of a supply of music and not enough demand, and this site is old enough to where they probably feel like they have enough music (unless something is really exceptional). Yes, their standards are increasing over time. Different story when they were young and needed tracks to sell - approving everything that came a long - but now we are lucky if 1/4 of our tracks get approved. What are we going to do?


Hello, tracks excellent I do not know what the cause of failure, I have in the same way yesterday 5 tracks rejected, even before the term of acceptance. It seems the inadequacy and incompetence Inspector (moderator).

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The only thing we can do now is make our tracks even better. :smiley:

I think to do it again.

but why other authors, are passed with the same styles of music? I regularly watch the many authors and try to match

let us hope that in 2017 all of our work will be on quality standards

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and when my time comes?))

Hello friend,
I’m very sorry for your case because i have rejected a lot. Just a few words here : I have listened your tracks. Your style is good. But the sound, mixing and mastering is not as good as it can be. The second thing is your arrangement, It need more contrast ( various grooves, drum, dynamic …). But i think you can make full beats and have good sale on other marketplaces that sell Hiphop beats. Happy New year.

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I also recommend checking out some of the other stock music markets - some of them are ok. I can’t mention any here without violating TOS/decorum, but they are easy to find with a Google search. Honestly, a lot of times rejected tracks here can easily get a few sales elsewhere. I guess it depends on your ratio of rejected tracks, and whether or not you want to stay exclusive, but being exclusive starts to be a raw deal when you can’t even get tracks approved. But you can always just but your rejected tracks on other sites and keep your main library here. However, it seems the quality standards everywhere are going up - all the markets are getting pretty saturated.


Happy New Year!))) Formerly, if the track was by the standards of quality and something in him lacked then its rejected a comment for correction, (so that authors can correct their mistakes). But here they immediately rigidly reject((. except for AJ I do not know the platforms. With AJ I have been working for over 3 years and I respect them, but why then they do not respect me lately)))). if you know the platform where can sell hip-hop, I will be glad if you tell me in PM

Thank you my friend for your advice! I will definitely take advantage of it!

Nice tracks and sound! I am wondering myself. Probably, Envato just hired Darth Vader to review our tracks in 2017.

Thank you my friend!))))

Don’t take it too personally. I just had a Cinematic track in the style I often do rejected. I put a lot of work into it only to receive the copy/paste excuse which is extremely unhelpful. I just recently sold a similar track, similar style and mixing/mastering to a film company with a broadcast license so the rejection was senseless but demoralizing as a composer.

I think AJ needs to make some kind of statement as to what they want and where they are going. It’s not fair to composers to just reject tracks for no reason which is often the case lately. Let’s keep this discussion alive and try and get them to participate!

I understand that they are trying to end the glut of tracks coming in, and yes I hear a lot of rushed work that is all too similar to everything else.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t get in a few years ago and you’re not on the level of Pink Zebra, times ahead at AJ look like they’ll be tough…

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Hello! Let’s create a theme and try to solve everything! I think we are supported by many, because there is a problem and it is serious for artists!

I fully agree and the generic feedback they are giving to us is not fair in the least…

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Perhaps you will start the topic of discussion? (They can misunderstand me because of my English))))