5 or 9 and more new track Hard rejected 2 minutes! Any opinions?

Due to the fact that I had yesterday rejected 5 tracks 2 minutes and written in a standard formal reply inspector my tracks and have incorrect data or not correctly formulated his answer, I had to create a theme. The theme is: Who is in favor that write a collective letter in connection with the frequent and unsubstantiated (incomprehensible) failures (formal replies) the tracks to indicate the name of the inspector who rejected your track? My last online yesterday five hard from scratch, as well as a forum boiled by the composer with 9 hard REJECTED What happened? Your opinion ? Many composers there arose a question to envato why? I propose to vote for someone pointed out in a letter that a hard failure, indicate the name of the inspector! Who agrees ?

So you are telling that 5 of your tracks being reject within 2 minutes? With incorrectly formulated answers? Just wow. Can you pass a screenshot of your email with improper answer and amplitude of emails. The only reason that i can find about that 2min rejects it’s cause you receive replies from different reviewers. They really need to work on inspection-autor feedback, to point out some inadequate inspection. But as far as i know there few people reviewing few tracks, well at least it was back then, only god knows what happens right now lol. But give the name of inspector is a lot to ask i guess, they will not go for it and i guess i’ll agree with this. We need to take care of our precious reviewers, they already receiving too much hate to bear with. :pensive:

I think you are absolutely right in the sense that, reviewer not want to show your name in case of failure, but on the other hand, people are adequate and are well aware of the inspection workload. Who will feel hatred towards the reviewing of the authors? It was just good for the statistics to know what is rejected more often checking the tracks and which less. Thus, in the inspection, you can see and relate about your track that has been sent and portfolio reviewer and analyze how the failure was objective or subjective. I also like not all the music on the planet earth, but the opinion and assessment must be objective. After fasting poster here on the forum, which was rejected 9 tracks (mostly hip hop). I concluded that not all reviewers objective approach to the tracks, but rather more of a personal preference (that impression). Here is a link What happened? to the post of the author, and that led me to create a theme

Hi there - does it really matter to know who is the reviewer upon rejection of tracks. Audio Jungle is a stock marketplace that offers commercial audio and it needs to focus on that market base. To know a reviewers name holds nothing but the possible persecution of these valuable people who are making sure that the marketplace adheres and remains to it’s original mandate and to provide a platform for commercially viable products for project solutions.


You’re talking about the persecution of opponents as the inspectors?))