Opinions and tips on these tracks got rejected

Hi buddies I would like some feedback on these rejections I got.
Thanks for your help

In my opinion, the reason has to be the reviewer’s opinion that these tracks aren’t commercially viable, because I don’t think there are any issues production-wise that could lead to hard rejects.

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thanks for your help
always, when i got tracks rejected, they motivate it with a quality issue, I think some time the reviewer made the quicker thing possible for him, sometime I think the track hadn t even been listened , but I hope is just paranoia

Nice music men!! I like Humans Glitch Wm it’s a nice ambient atmosphere. I don’t know why it got rejected. The second one sounds a bit unconvincingly. Need more work on it. Good luck!


I have to make a reservation that all this is just my opinion and the real reasons for rejection can be quite different.

  1. Good sounding, quite consistent with the chosen genre. I think that the track lacks the development of the composition (despite the genre features), after the “break” (1:15), new instruments could appear, new shades of music. The leading track melody seems to me not quite logical, I would not remember it, even if I listened to it many times.
  2. At first I thought that this is a typical corporate track (piano+harmonics). But at 0:20 I was not so sure. After listening to the end, I still did not decide for myself which genre to include this work. This track seems a little unfinished, there is no feeling that this is a finished work. As in the first track, there is not enough development, a memorable leading tune.

P.S. Consider that the tracks were not even listened to by the reviewer - really paranoia)) Drive away such thoughts). Rejection is painful, but there is no victory without a battle!

thanks very thorough

So would you have rejected them as well? anyway they motivate the rejection because not good standard sound