What Happened with this Author?

There used to be a big seller “fresh and fun” by author “midi cable” now they are both gone or so it seems, what happened?
I liked that song and his logo:

I did a search for usb cable. Nothing.


Interesting. I really would like to know the story behind this…

Hm really interesting, at least I can hear the song again :slight_smile: How did you find it?

:wink: I get a sneaking suspicion that you already had found the track, but in case I’m wrong:

  1. I searched for the title
  2. It was the first item in the search result

They may have been blocked by Envato because of some violation.

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It doesn’t always have to be something bad, maybe he got an offer from a music company or something we can’t guess at all


How can the same song be in 2 separate accounts, surely thats very suspicious.

The old account / track doesn’t exist anymore… So there’s nothing suspicious going on.

Please let’s not speculate about what happened and stick to the hard facts.

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The facts are the song was in one account and is now in another, very simple question, how is that possible ?

If when an all-time top seller with thousands and thousands of sales disappears, and then the author returns under a different name isn’t suspicious, I don’t know what it is.

Coca Cola wouldn’t pull all their product from the shelves and then re-launch as “Bob’s Tasty Sugary Drink.”

But we’ll never know why, and that’s just the way it is.

I too deleted some tracks to re-upload them to my new non-exclusive account. I asked the support guys in advance and they gave me the go-ahead.

I’m sure there’s an interesting story behind it. But suspicous? We just don’t know it…

…exactly. Even though it must be a good story. :slight_smile:

We’re talking about a track that sold over 6100 times as of November 2015, one of AJ’s all-time top selling tracks. http://web.archive.org/web/20151121035153/http://audiojungle.net/item/fresh-and-fun/4852471

With all due respect - Your situation is hardly comparable. Nobody (and I mean nobody) would willingly jeopardize or otherwise mess with such a successful item.

Please - let’s not be naive.

Sure… You’re absolutely right.

All I was trying to say is that (considering the circumstances you’re referring to) this story could as well be a tragic one, right? I just didn’t like the ‘suspicious’ part… But I’m gonna stop here. :slight_smile:

I have to agree with fatcatmusic, of course it’s very suspicious. But let’s not judge before knowing the facts…

Anyway, we can discuss the possible explanations:

• They were a top seller, making $8-10,000 per month - not even really rich people would give up that kind of PASSIVE income easily.

• The entire profile is gone, which means someone would’ve had to purchase TIME LIMITED rights to all the tracks, or it doesn’t make sense to see it back. 1 year exclusive rights to just that track would have to cost at least $50,000 to be worth it. The entire portfolio, much, much more… They had at least 28 tracks.

But why would any company fork out $50k for exclusive rights to a track that has already sold 5,000+ times… That doesn’t make much sense.

• The new account is exclusive, and so was the old one. That explanation doesn’t cut it.

This is weird, indeed.

I deleted my post with the link. At first I thought this was a “looking for” request, but I see now it’s not. Anyone can find the track by searching for the title. But I agree, this is weird. Even more so if you read the comments for the track.

The songs in the profile are also found on various warez sites. A “warez site” is one that offers stolen copyrighted files or files that have had their encryption removed. In this case, the songs are out there with no watermark and with no license fee. An example of the description for these files on those warez sites (not the comments on AJ) for one of the songs on the profile in question:

"Download free SONG NAME REMOVED 100% cracked! By : SAME NAME USED ON AJ Published on Tuesday, January 05, 2016,23:37:09 in Music packs cracked.

Now, since this type of theft is rampant in the low budget market, who can say who the original songwriter actually is when no one uses their real identity on a profile and there is no way to cross reference music between sites on the internet? But, I would think the above info is enough for Envato to make an inquiry with this author.

I can say the same thing about tons of songs here on AJ. Not only do you have free download bundles of 30 to 50 AJ songs all over the place, you also have every YouTube video that plays an un-watermarked version with no additional audio, There are YouTube channels set-up by possibly well-meaning affiliates who refer to AJ for licensing, but post the full song in demo videos with no watermarks. Obviously, that’s a problem.

Can a topic go by without calling Envato to make “an inquiry” about someone? I started topic because I wanted to hear the song the other day (nice song I like it) and couldn’t find it, not to accuse"midi cable" of anything… It was a topic started from pure good intention and now you are questioning the guy without any cause… please… Sorry “midi cable” if I made you trouble with this topic i didn’t mean to. Its better not starting anything on forums…someone always gets hurt in the end…

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Considering the fact that the files in the profile are also posted on sites offering stolen files, which is what a “warez site” is, why would you automatically assume that a person using a different profile identity is “midi cable” or that “midi cable” was ever the real composer just because you know the song? I wasn’t guessing or making it up. I saw and heard the music on sites offering them as free downloads with no watermark. An inquiry isn’t an accusation, it’s exactly what it sounds like. If it is the true composer, I would think he would appreciate knowing his music is floating around for free. If it’s not, he’ll disappear… again. Many things are not what they seem on the Internet.