What happened with the low resolution $1 photos ???

We are mainly a web agency. We don´t use high resolution photos at all. We have been customers of you for years and this move will force us to look for another options. For all the time we have been using your services, we thought you were the best provider website for our projects; it´s a shame for us to see you get “greedy” and ignore what made you the best in the past.

it has been there new tactics across the board for a while now, to be greedy, to as many people they feel they can get away with. i will never upload here ever again and they can gladly close my account down if they so wish.

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It fell victim to a disaster…:

You (Envato) need to add a category search to allow people to search for images according to price. You have no idea what your extreme price increase has done to our budget - and you have to do it at the end of the year. So, given the choice between a few great photos I’ll select the lower price. $5 instead of $9 is a huge difference to small budgets who need several photos. Right now you’re not giving us the option to search by price. Poor planning to say the least.

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Envato should reconsider its new policy. No one likes it. As other user mentioned, we need low resolution photos not high ones. I will use another platform to buy stock photo.

Very disappointed in Envato’s change of policy to now only sell one size photo, eliminating the $1 photo. I will never buy a photo larger than the $1 photos, because I don’t need them larger, and I certainly will NEVER pay $7 or $9 or even $5 for photos that I have been paying $1 all these years. You have lost a customer forever. Dumb decision by Envato. You will sell a fraction of the photos you used to. Very stupid business decision. You will learn the hard way, but it will be too late to woo long time customers like me back. Good bye. Forever.

I am missing the $1 photos, I liked purchasing them to market my music and to help promote cross marketing on Envato sites, but not anymore. R.I.P. $1 photo option.