What happened with low resolution images for $1-2?

I used to be able to choose low resolution images for $1 or $2. Now I can’t select low resolution – and getting only high resolution for $5 or $7.

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Information can be found in this announcement. Thanks!

Any recommendation for other places where we can purchase affordable images?

New PhotoDune image prices are pretty high and we can’t afford to buy any for the blog. We just don’t need high resolution images for web…


That’s not correct. We remove posts that mention or link to competing marketplaces, which is clearly stated as a no-no in our community rules :smiley:

Small correction, it is you who are not correct. You did not ask our opinion to us, buyers!
If your idea is so great, why be afraid when you tell other sites selling photographs? They sell the same photos as on photodune, but 5 to 10 x cheaper now …
It is now 7 years that I am client of your sites. Do you think we’re going to buy a picture for the web sold now for $ 7 to $ 9 minimum, while competing websites allow a choice for the $ 1 web?
Do you really take us for idiots? Wake up, you are not the only ones selling photos on the internet …