Photodune - Big price increase ?

Hey there.

Just wanted to buy an image on photodune and now all of a sudden we have to pay 7$ for each one instead of 1$ for the smallest resolution? Did I see it right? If so, why did you change it so drastically? I know, everyone wants to make money but this increase is far to much, especially if you don’t need high resolution images and are now forced to buy it (if I saw it right).

Sorry Envato, if this is your new price model, I know better option out there. I am ok with your 20% price increase of html and wp templates but 700% increase on stock photos just scares me to buy it for smaller web projects. You are definetely loosing me as a customer.

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Photodune is changing its approach. There’s no increase in price. They’re simply removing the lower resolution buying options. As I understood , they’re also bringing author-driven pricing to Photodune. You can read more about this here:

You should read the extremely unfortunate announcement from the thread below @StephanBo …:

  • **"Switch to single resolution for photos"**


Ok, thanks for the info.

So I am out of envato after a couple of years and some hundret purchases (via private account and my company’s account). Just spendig my last dollar and bye.

I always feel a bit ripped if a company tries to sell their new price model as a step forward although it is obvious that no costumer gains any advantage of it. It would have been ok if you were saying we increase the prices a bit due to reasonable expenditures we have to compensate. But making a decision that forces the majority of us to pay 700% more than before for a product we don’t need (the highest resolution) is close to a joke.

All the best anywyas.


Pretty clever though. Now they have built up a big client base and a sizable photo library, so
now they can start increasing prices.
I would leave too, but I don’t know of any alternatives that are cheaper and does not require
a subscription.

You have to understand that it’s not sustainable for a photographer to sell commercial licenses for $1. Just go a few years back and $500 was normal!

$1, $7, $15, it’s all dirt cheap…

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Pesky, overpriced photographers! :wink:

Makes it impossible to buy photos for social media posts

$9 for a photo, it just doesn’t work when you need posts every day

I have gone from buying a photo for every little thing to buying one a month since the price change

So what is the next site going to be for cheaper images?