Multiple image sizes gone on Photodune?


Try to buy images for web design and suddenly it’s only possible to buy one big size?
Is this a change in policy? We bought 100th’s of items, but if this is the case you loose
a good customer!


Please see this recent announcement. Thanks!


Why did not warn us before the change ?


I agree. A customer is lost here as well. I will seek another website for photo needs.

There is absolutely no good reason for me to pay $6 or $9 for a small image needed for my site.

Granted some are $3 but most I am looking at are more and this would skyrocket my photo budget … NOT!!!

One size means I have to screw around with the photo more … not gonna happen.

If it changes I will be back to buy photos … until then see ya later Envato.


Having multiple resolutions at different prices was the reason I primarily used Photodune… at $9 and one size fits all I also will be buying elsewhere… pity… but if you are going to compete with the older, bigger and more expensive stock photo sites you will have to improve the range and quality of Photodune by a factor at least as great as the price increase… :slight_smile: good luck with that!!


Another stupid move from Envato and another frequent customer lost.

Let’s be honest, in general the photos aren’t as good quality as most from, say, Shutterstock, and one of the main drivers was the fact that we could purchase images much cheaper for web use. So now only print users are catered for and anybody needing a small photo for web use is paying the price of a previously hi res image.

Now for around 1$ more on a price plan, it makes far more sense to go to an established big player.

No warning given, just another dumb rollout from the suits with no consultation with authors or customers.


Same here. Long time customer of Envato. Purchased images on a regular basis not because of their top quality but mostly because of the fair price. Prior to Envato we used istockphoto until they became too expensive. Was willing to pay $2 or $3 to use a photo in a blog post but certainly not $7. Will have to see where else we can find cheaper photographs. Will certainly be taking/using more of my own photos. I agree with the other users. Not a good move in my view - furthermore I’m logged in almost daily to my Envato dashboard and didn’t see any notice of change. I don’t usually complain but I agree with the other posts. If it’s not too late, please reconsider and or poll your customers to find out why they are using Photodune versus other stock photo sites. My guess was that until a few days ago you were cheaper.


Yeah lost me as a customer also cancelled tuts plus account, I bought 3 images this weekend at a size i want at a price i would normally pay at photodune, not everyone needs print quality images


I’m sorry, but this really does stink. I use photos mostly for websites, not print, thus, I do not need 5000+ pixel images. Now I’m having to pay for that resolution anyway. I will have to find another solution as this doubles and triples my photo budgets.

I’ve been a customer for 9+ years. I guess I missed the email where you requested customer feedback on this change because I didn’t see one.

I’m very disappointed in this change. The pricing is fair for the resolution, it’s just not that everybody needs those higher resolutions, thus it is overpaying for what is actually needed.


Other (larger) Stock Sites offer monthly subscriptions for photos - if you take these into account, photodune has become quite an expensive stock site, completely uninteresting for webmasters. So as Photodune is only print - oriented now, I sadly have to turn to a better solution - which exists, but envato photodune always had like the better community and its own “character”. RIP Photodune, I just hope that the other shops of envato like graphicriver won’t share it’s fate.


Will you guys change the Photos back to Multiple Sizes soon?

For photos I use it for websites and videos that I develop - and my clients count on me to get the right size needed from Photodune so they can use a lot of images and buy it only in the size they need. This single pricing is just a bad move.

Let me know if you will switch anytime soon (in the next few days) because I had selected over 20 images to be purchased for a web project. If not then I have to find another source


The site will be remaining in the single size format. Thanks!


been with envato for a long time like 8 years or so and bought many pictures from them, primarily for web use, This new change just lost me as a photodune customer. What a shame


So many years i’ve been a good customer. Now i should go, because of missing medium sized pics.
A really bad move! Ciao!


Yeah, it’s a little crazy the hike in prices and removal of mediums. I’m just about to pay $10.80 for use of a single image, which to me seems near extortionate. Anyone else found a comparable solution for a competitive rate?


Envato Elements? A few times more expensive than your single image, but then you can download whatever you need, and not just photos.