Can't choose size of images for purchase on Photodune?

So I suppose this is something “new” from Envato following latest changes here.

As far as I can see there is no possibility to choose image size (and price according to that size) on Photodune anymore when purchasing images? Am I right?

Check out this thread that explains it all:

Thanks. This means I need to subscribe to Envato Elements? :unamused:

I’m probably the wrong person to ask - I know very little about the Photodune market but there has been a great deal of feedback about the changes so it will be interesting to see what the end outcome is.

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As far as I know license for Elements is valid if you use item during subscription period. What happens if I wait for a month or two for my theme to be reviewed? To purchase license for every additional month? Nonsense. Unfortunately I’ll check for other marketplaces at the end.

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I must quote this as I agree 100%

As far as I’m aware, if you’re subscribing every month then that’s classed as an ongoing subscription, so you don’t need to download it and/or relicense it every month. It’s just ongoing for the duration of your subscription. And you have a license to use the item during your subscription… if you’ve ‘used it’ while you’re in the subscription period, then it’s not like the license runs out when you stop subscribing.

So if you design a business card for a client using a template during the subscription period, if you stop subscribing a year later, the client doesn’t have to throw all his cards in the bin. It’s just that you can’t download the template, then when your subscription has run out, you can still design a business card for a client after it’s run out.

If that makes sense?!

Thanks. But that is what I’m talking about. For example I am creating WordPress theme and downloading some images. When will be exact moment when those images will be considered as “used”? Is it when I start to create my theme or when it is approved (and that can be few months after I start to build the theme)? So basically I will have to pay few more months for subscription if moment when images are “used” is when theme is released.

Btw I don’t see there are images available on Elements yet?

That’s exactly what you’re talking about. You were on about not being able to use an image if your subscription has run out. I responded with an example of how you can and can’t use images when your subscription has ran out. you said that’s not what you’re talking about and then went on to clarify that you were asking exactly when you can and when you can’t use an image depending on when your subscription runs out. So yes, that is exactly what you were talking about. As for the further clarification you’re looking for… I don’t know. I’m sure that will be in the terms and service before you sign up though.

It was announced images would be included some time in the new year.