What happened to codecanyon support team, they have not responded in last 7 days?

@KingDog Thanks for disabling my thread, I have actually raised a ticket to support team and they have not responded from last 7 days, today also I have sent mail for an update and they have not yet responded, this is my ticket number ****.

@unlockdesign please dont remove ticket id, its not personnnel info.

@collis FYI

Why my ticket number is removed, what is the point of having this forum?

Hey @naveenkg29 personal information sharing is prohibited at Envato Forum. Hope you understand why removed your ticket id! at here no can help you out about your any ticket issue it is envato team member reply to you through support area.

Hi @unlockdesign

Thanks for clarification, personnel information means It should identify you, such as email id, name, phone number.

I think the ticket id is not a personnel information, i just added the ticket number as a reference with the context, so that any envato member can look into my issue at the earliest.

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How is that personal information, are you kidding me?

The support team is a bit overwhelmed right now due to the holidays. They will get back to you as soon as they can.

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When a team member verifying reply to you they check your ticket id! it isn’t allow to post at public place who doing what with your ticket id to help you ? without team member!

Just to clarify - the original thread was not closed due to the ticket ID, it was closed due to piracy related discussion and sharing the screenshot of your email thread.

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No, you are terrible wrong! You shouldn’t have removed the ticket id, it is not personal information. How can i identify that guy based on the ticket id he wrote? Please get your facts together, you are wrong.

And yet right now this guy ticket id is removed. Why?

Hello everyone, How can I escalate this issue, every organization should follow SLA, even after 8 days, I have not heard back from the support team, as they have said in thier first reply, they will get back to me in 5-7 days and its 8th day, also the issue is about piracy and should be taken very seriously considering all the GDPR and other policies in place.

The support team not even replied saying that they are looking into this issue and could have told me if they needed more time to investigate.

If anyone have idea about escalating this issue, please advice.