To unlock account

Dear Codecanyon Officials,

My account has been suspended, and I have written to Codecanyon through all available channels, including support, to understand the reason and to have it reinstated. However, the Codecanyon officials have not responded to my requests. It is extremely disappointing that Codecanyon does not listen to or care about its customers. I am in a dire situation because Codecanyon is ignoring me.

Here are my support ticket numbers:

  1. Support Ticket Number: 3595515
  2. Support Ticket Number: 3595289
  3. Support Ticket Number: 3595287

I urgently request that the Codecanyon officials assist me in resolving this issue. Otherwise, other Codecanyon customers might face similar issues in the future and develop a fear that Codecanyon does not care.


It looks like you probably submiited one support ticket after another (well within a short space of time) of each request.

You don’t say why your account was suspended, and for all we know it could have been a valid reason why it was suspended.

This forum cannot help you - you need to contact Envato Support with one ticket, and outline your issues. They may take time to respond, so if you create another ticket, then effectively you reduce the chances of getting a timely answer.