Looking for my Ticket ID


I repurchased another 6 months support for food bakery theme. I opened a support ticket with Chimp Support but I cannot remember getting a ticket ID. I have been waiting for a reply since the beginning of the month. To look at open tickets you have to have your username and ticket ID but I cannot find the ticket ID, I have used the option for forgotten ticket ID but how are these messages received, do I get a message as an email or does it go to a message area on Envato? When you receive a ticket ID is it sent as an email. I need an answer to my questions as soon as possible.


I’m not sure what system the author is using for support but you may want to open another ticket with them if they haven’t gotten back to you yet. It’s likely you got an email but maybe it ended up in your spam folder?

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Thank you for your comments @KingDog
I have checked my junk mail and there are no emails. The author is Power Elite
It does say if I have my ID ticket I can log in to see the response but how do I find my ID ticket?
I will send another message again. However, I have just paid for another 6 months support and still not seen a response it not good.

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If you are still facing problem with your concern then just my personal opinion post a comments in Item comments and let them know. So that Author can guide you how to proceed to their support ticket.


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