Is there any way to track Envato tickets?

I’ve emailed twice to from their website on an unresolved issue. I have yet to hear a response back other than their immediate automated response. Is there any way to even track “tickets” that are assigned and noted in the automatic email response?


First time your have received a automatic mail from Envato robot after a Envato Support Team member will reply to you about your issue.
You have to wait that reply cause they have ticket queue they replied people one by one here(Envato Market) have no instant/live support system.

My opinion keep patience hope they will reply to you soon.


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First time when you have opened help ticket you have gotten an automated response where you will find your ticket id as like: Your ticket id is xxxxxxx.

If you check your inbox and hover the email subject there you will find a button ‘View Ticket’ clcick on that, it will take you to the login page for the support systems. If you already not registered then you can registered and login to see your open ticket. from there you will be able to track the opened ticket.

Support Team will reply all open ticket one by one. So, they will reply you as quickly they can. Please keep patience hope will get reply soon.

Thanks for your patience


Thanks, good to get feedback :slight_smile: Regarding a “View Ticket” link, there’s no such link in my gmail email. I even inspected the code and saw nothing but 1) a thread id for gmail purposes and 2) a long tail referral url on the Help Center link. Nothing other than a ticket # but no way to reference it or track it other than the original email thread. Hopefully they’ll come through.

Onmouse over you will see:
Otherwise please keep patience Support team will reply you as quickly they can. Thanks

You can also do the above manually if you know the links. It’s a bit hard to navigate around though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like submitting a ticket creates an account but password is not set at that time. I used a link provided by someone else and it prompted the following text: “If you’ve communicated with our support staff through email previously, you’re already registered. You probably don’t have a password yet, though.” - now I can see status and track tickets, yay!


That’s the stuff. Thanks Bailey!