No 'Support' from Envato regarding Account lockdown since 10 days.

Hi Envato,

It has been 72 hours since the automated reply to my third request that says “Your ticket number is 1334885” but I haven’t received any kind of solutions from your ‘Team’ regarding my issue of account lockdown. So, should I consider that Envato does not encourage building customer relationship but stealing all our hard earned money and lock it down in space?

If it is so then what is the base for generating tickets?

Note: Please be kind enough to provide some real help if you can rather than sending fake and lame tickets numbers.



I’d imagine that they are investigating what happened which may take time.

Unfortunately opening a ticket (As you have done) is the right and only solution to resolve these issues.

Out of interest did they say why the account was locked? Why or when did it happen?

hi are u sure that u did not get a notification that ended up in your spam folder?

What’s the ETA in such case? And if they are helping us, at least a mail could be given to ensure the update on the case.

BTW, Did you also face the same issue? Can you help me with the guidelines for finding the exact reason behind the lockdown?

Yes I’m sure , I don’t have any notification .

lol what goes to the spam folders does not provide u with “notifications” lol

It would depend on what happened

eg. if it was after a purchase and got auto locked then usually it can be resolved in a couple of days.

If they have found what they think is more suspicious behaviour then this can take considerably longer

What was the context of them locking your account?

They didn’t specify the exact reason for lockdown and all they say is that account doesn’t comply with the policy of the company.

something tells me you know the reason. Envato is not closing accounts just like that to “steal” your money

you did something wrong probably… can tell us more? I have my account here for more than 7 years - I never did anything bad so I never got account locked down… and this is strong argument. ;]

Hi Novocaina,

I have gone through the policy points but wasn’t able to find the reason for the lockdown. Moreover, the assist from Envato is only at first level though I raised my tickets again and again.

BTW, I have never received takedown notice in the past and also didn’t have any payment problems from Envato or PayPal.

Hence, this approach is frustrating and not helpful at all.


LOL yes u are basically right , but sometimes if u open your mouth a bit too much, and say true things that they do not enjoy reading this much , they do not necessarily like it this much if u know what i mean, but normally they send a message to ask u to calm down and this should not go any farther unless people are too “daring” and persist in doing what they dislike lol but it doesn’t not seem to be what happened with GraphicKings … so we can imagine that something occured as u mentioned

no matter what the issue maybe all about i guess that if they did not contact u back this is either because they tried to check what was going on - probably a complex issue requiring inquiry - and it looks like that at this stage all u have to do is wait , even if i can understand you are expecting to know more bout all what this is all about indeed …
i hope u did not have the idea that some “little smart geniuses” have to buy their own stuff to get a better visibility and potentially increase sales, because if so , do not try to search any farther what went wrong … this kind of thing is not allowed …


you’re wrong

you didn’t understand me - I think he made something wrong, maybe he didn’t follow some envato rules, author right rules etc. that’s why got account locked.

He didn’t get account locked because of Envato Team bad day or humor… are you kiding me?

:slight_smile: don’t put not my words into my mouth please

you are totally wrong here -> last days I made maybe 15 support tickets because I had many technical questions -> ALL OF MY TICKETS was solved very fast, very professional and in good atmosphere.

and believe me I don’t try to suck up to any people… I am telling you the truth. My questions was about finances, taxes, items exclusivity, transfering account from personal to company… heavy topics, not easy topics - in most cases team member had to go to his mates ask for my questions.

All done 100% fast and I got all my questions answered :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s your experience.

peace :wink:

Hi Novocaina,

Thanks for your kind advice. Will you please help me by providing the keywords that can actually get me the support for unlocking my account since you got your tickets resolved in time?


What I said is what I felt about the support system. It’s an aggressive stance but this is what culminating in my mind since last one month of lockdown.

Anyways, can you help me by providing the keywords or the exact phrases that can reach envato better?



My tickets was not about my problems with my account. I made ticket every time when I want to know something and I can’t find this in help center.

for example I wanted to know what should I do if I want to transform my account here and on elements from personal account to company account and I got straight answer that I should show them all my documents as a proof that company is belong to me :slight_smile:

I made this kind of tickets.

Your case is somethig dfferent - in your situation only thing you can do is to be nice, patient and ask about your case in every few days. Your case is special one and there is no magic recipe to solve this issue - your issue is already there where it should be -> on envato team desk. I don’t know your case so I cant help you - I don’t know what did you do to get account locked.

but anyway - good luck, stay strong.

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Closing this thread to prevent confusion and mostly because unfortunately there is nothing that anyone can do to help in the forums.

If an account is locked, for whatever reason, then the only people who can add clarity or help to resolve it, are support. Even if they take a decision to not reactivate the account, they will make that known.