What happened to batch uploading - Special Circumstances ?



When I uploaded 25 sounds or more in a batch they were usually reviewed together, and with a higher success rate, Now they just get reviewed individually with a far lower success rate and almost a month later.

Incentive has dropped even lower to submit more sounds because I know that there is nothing wrong with my standards. In fact they sell very well at another site that accepts decent quality sounds.


Anyone or is it to be the sound of tumbleweed ?


Well, I didn’t do the batch uploading, but for sure there is nothing good happen with AJ now. In fact, it’s for some reason getting worse. They make their standards higher and it’s totally understandable, but sometimes that standards become just absurdly high.


No, it’s more like the sound of delay effect with overcircled feedback.

If presented example (of author who had his batch came to regular “special circumstance” instead of “established” one and got the review much longer than usual, not faster) is not enough and you want the exact official answer, why not to ask the support directly instead of repeatedly asking the same at forums ignoring the suppositive answers.

The world is changing fast, and now Envato doesn’t inform us about all their changes like it used to be years ago. They could easily cancel that option of established batch review.silently.

Ask support.


I have no idea what your point was in that answer. It seems like you were in agreement with me but at the same time critical of my questioning.


Ah, sorry. Both are true.

I meant only support can give the exact answer you need to correctly plan the upload strategies. Stats of your and that mentioned author case say that batch feature is switched off now, we are just not announced of it. It seems so. Like they didn’t announce the appearance of “download preview” button on sfx 's pages last autumn - not the small detail for those who had massive portfolio uploaded while old rules! Or new AJ reviewer wasn’t introduced also, he came quietly.

I personally didn’t find that option much useful for me, preferring more first flash-exposure for every single item than fast review.

By the way in my opinion sfx bulk processing didn’t bring much order to the library, some things were missed in those batches, in terms of quality and similarity. Not your case of course, but generally. It was noticeable. (perhaps it was one of reasons to leave that method?)