Special Circumstance

I’m getting a “special circumstance” every time. I’m uploading many sound FX. Is there a trick not to get into a special circumstance, like uploading a maximum amount of files per day?

try not “uploading maximum amount of files per day” :laughing:

seriously, may be you should combine your similar files into pack?

:joy: :+1: Have some fun before going to bed !!! :joy:

Hi @dreamkid! Hope the following article gives you some extra clarification about the message you received. Worst-case scenario - if you don’t get a response after 7 days, drop us a line via a Help Ticket and someone would be glad to assist you. :thumbsup:

Special Circumstance Items in the Review Queue

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Nothing to do with it. I thought authors with sound FX say upload 10 or 20 etc. max per day.