How do I go about uploading over 200 sound effects that are all under 2 seconds?

Is there a way to just upload and submit all of them at the same time, or do i need to put them in a zip and upload that? But if that’s the case, how would i upload a (non-watermarked) preview to each one, and make descriptions/tags for each? Is the only way to individually upload every single sfx?

yep, unfortunately there is no batch upload im afraid, best of luck doing it one by one.;]]

Darn…welp, thanks for the quick response. Although now I’m curious: why is it that if i drag multiple audio files over the upload page, it uploads them all one by one? If you can ultimately only submit one file at a time, what’s the point of the upload page being able to do that?

If you’re doing bulk uploads, you may want to talk to the Help Team -

They may be able to work out a better way :smiley:

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That’s great to hear! I’ll certainly try that.