Sound FX uploading advice


If I have a set of sound FX that sound similar - let’s say 8-10 laser shots, all different but related in a way ( maybe the same feel, space, processing etc. ) Would you recommend uploading them one at a time and then make a pack or upload them all at once, in a single file, from the beginning?

Please state your pro / cons arguments as well. Sfx focused authors, please share your wisdom :slight_smile:

Hi, you mentioned “similar”, I think making them unique first is key to selling them in singles but if they must sound similar then I would make a pack in a single file.

If they sound too similar and you upload each one as a single file with different names not all may get accepted since they sound too close. Make them original. Hope that helps.


How do you people make laser shots anyway?

Recording the laser gun :smiley: If I’d need to make something like that, I’d use filter with fastly falling
frequency and sharp resonance - something near to how “techno” kicks to make.

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@dreamkid: It helps. I was thinking the same - but I wanted to double check on that. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: if you still get rejected, I owe you nothing :stuck_out_tongue: ok…maybe one dollaa

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