What does "Logo Version" mean?

For Music Uploads: “You may choose, to upload a main track, a shorter loop version, an instrumental version and a logo version.”

What’s a logo version?

a version of music which is edited in such a way, so it can be used as audio logo.

Short version? 10-15 seconds… I think

Would you mind elaborating? When I think of “logo”, I think of it as a visual term. Any examples of yours I could check out?

Just a clip of 10-15 seconds from a part of the existing song? Or does it involve a remix/restructuring of the track?

I think it’s not a part,., yo can not just cut, copy and paste… you must start and end the track correctly… involves structure and remix. It’s my opinion…

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Visually means the name of a brand of the company but the audio logo(a short catchy, which sticks to the mind helps your brand or company memorable. See this playlist featuring lots of famous brands logo, you will get the idea what audio logo means.

Now, the logo version of the song, here is the perfect example of that

This is the logo version:

And this the main song:

I hope you get the idea now.



There is a whole category labeled Logo. You should check it out to familiarize yourself with this concept.

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I think I get it now. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me!

A note to that Alkis’s example: as since that the rules were changed, these days you are not allowed to upload the logo version made from music track to logos category separately like Alkis did. So you should add it to music track as a version, like your quote says. (Just not to be confused by that example).

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very good examples @SonicSounds Thanks! :slight_smile:

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You are Wlcome.

Welcome. @Kannonh

Thats right I forgot to mention that point.

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