Uploading logo versions of already approved tracks


I’ve seen portfolio’s here containing logo versions that have been separately uploaded from their original tracks (or vice versa, tracks extended from logo’s etc). But, when I read the uploading policy it says: “Variations of a piece of music must be included as additional audio files within the original item, up to a maximum of 5 (including the main track), and are not accepted as separate AudioJungle items.”

Are there exceptions to this rule or does making a logo from a track count as " significantly changing the arrangement" and therefore it counts as a remix?

And also on this sentence: “Only one remix is allowed per category”. Sorry if I’m asking a stupid question here, but what do they mean by category here? You can only make one remix in the Corporate Motivational genre or?

Thanks in advance

Details here. :arrow_down:

Thanks CleanMagicAudio, but I read it and that’s where my questions come from :slight_smile:

Contact Envato Support (if you have additional questions)!

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