Need help with the publication of the logo.

Hello! I have an unresolved question that no one can not answer to me. I have an item that I want to sell in the audiojungle. Item quite a nice and his place in the music section. But it have a good introduction that is suitable for a logo. =) Can I cut from my item intro part and put it in a section with logos? Given the fact that the section with the music already has the my item is.:slightly_smiling:

Hi. I think itโ€™s all right. But itโ€™s better not to cut an intro only. Also make some versions of it. :wink:

Sorry for my English :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the answer! Do not worry, my English is not very good.
So it is normal practice, as you say?

I canโ€™t say anything about practice. Iโ€™m a beginner too :grinning:
I think if it will be good as logo and will be selling, why not?

Of course is good! But will be it right according with the rules Envato?

So, it seem that the answer to you question is โ€œnoโ€ :worried:

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Well I am gonna turn them in to logo idents, not just cut and leave them as they are, one idea from another. Kind of like that,

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