Is it legit to sell audio logo derived by a track separately from that track

Hi, I recently uploaded some stinger in the “Logo & Idents” section. Those stinger are generated by a full length track which has been previously been accepted in the “Music” section. Is it ok to upload and sell the derived logo separately from that track or should that be included in the track pack?

Here is an example:
Original Track:

Derived Logo Sold Separately:

I don’t wanto to go against audiojungle rules, so please let me know.

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Hi. You could have made a short version of the logo in one of the versions, but I read that sometimes they ask you to make the logo separately from the music. Therefore, this is a difficult question, ask in support of Envato. But most likely not, because this is essentially the same track only an excerpt. Good luck!

thanks for your opinion and for the link!

interested in the answer as the exact same question was raised a few hours ago in another thread, and it seems there is a doubt here.

I would regret if it was against the rule because in this case, how can you provide, say, 5 versions of your logo, along with 3 versions of your main track?

I submitted such as logo, with 5 different lengths, from very short to long, and the corresponding full track had also different variatons, with 30s 1min and loop edits…

And also, the price is different for a short logo, compared to a full track, so, if you can’t have two separate items…

But a clear answer from Envato would be welcome :slight_smile:

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I hate to be a bummer but I don’t think it’s allowed. If I’m not mistaken this was clarified by Envato in another thread about an year ago or so.

You can always add short and super short edits in your track, but not sell them separately as far as I know. Let’s wait for Envato to chime in though, because if possible… well, I’m gonna upload a quite handful of stuff, haha! :smiley:


Let us know when the support of Envato will answer you. I am also interested in the correct answer. :wink:

Ok guys I opened a support ticket for this issue. I let you know on this thread when I have an answer.


Thanks for the Good question, Following, since I was also wondering about this recently.

Ok guys, just got answered from support on this subject. Basically I was told that the logo version must be included with the main track so it is not allowed to sell a derived logo separately from its full length track on this marketplace. I’ve already canceled my pending logo files, and I’m going to do the same with my accepted ones.

Personally I don’t think it’s a clever rule, since a client looking for an audio logo or stinger is not always interested in purchasing a full length version of it, and I think a stinger license should cost less than the main track. Just my two cents.

UPDATE: I’m now on hold waiting for support to catch up with review team to better discuss this subject. So let’s all wait before taking decisions.


Thank you for showing the official answer. My guess was confirmed. Good luck!

But I don’t understand then… What if I want to create 4 versions of my logo (ultra short, short, less short…)…
I can’t…

And the price won’t be right… and Envato is losing sales… something is just not right here?!

I’ve got the final word on this issue by support after catching with review team. The answer was:

“Logos based on a Music item must be included with that music item”

So I was asked to remove all my accepted music logos. :cry:

As I mentioned before I don’t think this rule to be so clever: clients looking for a simple audio stinger should not be forced to purchase the full length version of a track if it’s unuseful for their purpose.

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Thanks for clarifying!

I’m brand new to AJ and this thread answers my 1st question. Thanks. I must say I agree this is a bad policy. I try to write tracks with strong endings that can stand alone as stingers. It’s a shame I can’t sell them for their intended purpose on this site.

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Yes, I don’t understand why this would be not allowed.
It makes no sense, if a customer just want a stinger, why would they pay the full price of your item…

And also, if you wanted to make 3 or 4 variations for this “logo”, you can’t…
I am curious to know when this rule appeared, as you can see so many elite authors having “logos” version of their full tracks!