Logo was approved but the track was rejected

Logo was approved for sale but the track was rejected. I make both item from same track. What’s wrong with the music? Give me advice please.



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It’s simple: because it’s forbidden.

These days you can not upload the track and it’s logo version separately. You can only include the logo in the track’s upload as variation of the same item.

If you were following such cases on market, like Alkis’s ones for example – note that the rules were changed from those times.

Wow, I did not know it was forbidden… Do you have a link to a text specifying these new rules?
This is quite limitating, if you want to provide 3 or 4 logo sizes, and already have 2 or 3 lengths for your main track, you have to chose?

And what about the price? I mean, if someone wants just the logo, they don’t want to buy the full track…

This does not make sense to me…

And if this was because of “it is forbidden”, then it would be cool if the rejection cause was mentionned…

Somehow I cannot find where it’s specified exactly (like some other things too :wink: ) It undirectly follows from: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471803-AudioJungle-General-File-Preparation-Guidelines “You may choose, to upload the main track, a shorter loop version, an instrumental version and a logo version” and https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000471543-Logos-Idents-Upload-Instructions “Please also note that Logo Packs can only contain Logo audio files. You cannot mix-and-match audio Logos and files you already have in the Music category.”

I remember someone quoted the reviewer’s answer on this point on forums, Cannot find it so far but I’m sure such requirement is existing.

I agree it’s not a perfect rule for many reasons. But not we who are to set the rules and to place it findable easily. :thinking:

Thank You for your answers!
OK, I did not know it was forbidden… but, I uploaded the music first and then the logo. (few days after).
Music was rejected first and then approved the logo. I think there is something wrong with music. it’s strange to me because the two are the same.
(Sorry for my English, is not my native language.)

=> to me it means that, if I want to, I can add a “logo” version to a music track submission.

=> to me it means that in a Logo pack, you can not add the logo and its corresponding “matching” music track.

But I still don’t see clearly stated that it is forbidden to have a logo that matches a music track you have.
I have recently done such a submission, and in the description, I even clearly stated that “You can also check out the full version of this track here”, and a link…

And this logo was sold, twice, at a good price, so Envato is winning here too…

[quote=“frozenjazz, post:6, topic:195449”]

“You may choose, to upload the main track, a shorter loop version, an instrumental version and a logo version”

=> to me it means that, if I want to, I can add a “logo” version to a music track submission.

…And the authors are free to choose the upper category where to upload logo (by their choice? I don’t think so, it should be mandatory for sure. Or do you mean the logo already existing on the market can be included to music track item also? The same item can not be uploaded into portfolio more than once, excluding the case of pack only.

Yes, to me it means the same: like “files you already have” words mean “full length tracks” here. Why it was needed to be written if logos from full tracks could stay separately?

Huh, as there are doubts, I’m going to request for clarifying.

Of course I can be wrong. But I don’t want, because in this case more than one author has problems with “Mandela post-truth” memory replacement :scream::smiley:

Ah, so there’s not that case anyway, got it. Let’s wait for someone who are familiar with hip-hop.

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Well, to me the context was “Logo Packs”. Meaning that in a logo pack, you only pack logos, and not full music tracks.

But it would be good to have a clear answer from Envato :slight_smile:

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oh ok…
Well I listened to the logo: I love it.

Full track: I am less fan, a bit too agressive maybe, I don’t know, this is subjective…

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Daring to request people :slight_smile:

@AndySlatter, @ADG3studios, @matsteiner, @lucafrancini or someone of reviewers, please:

Can the logo made from music track be uploaded separately to Logos category? Or to Music as a “Logo version” only? And where to see it described?

Yes, of course. Sorry for guessing the nuances of still unclarified subject – I only meant that to not include the music into Logos packs is so obvious that no needs to be noted specifically. But if logo is melted with music tracks in zip and previews in Music category uploads (without separated Logo item’s position) – there could be possible mess, I think that text is to prevent such cases.

Yes, let’s wait :slight_smile:

@Stockwaves Hi, could you please point the source if you remember? I’m sure I saw the same somewhere but I cannot find. :thinking:

I can’t seem to find anything in the help files… but I’ve had a few rejections of that nature so I know it’s not been allowed in the past.

Thanks for reply! Yes I remember it wasn’t. But some authors have doubts because it’s not stated clearly anywhere currently.

… and also because some successful authors have many logos derived from tracks, and explicitely stating this :slight_smile:

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Yes, people follow obvious cases. But now that rule is clear and still not officialy stated :ghost: