Question: can Idents be short versions of an already uploaded music track?

If I check out the very succesful A***s, I think I can…
His best selling logo is a short version of one of his best selling tracks…

It’s not allowed.

You can, however, add it to the original item as an additional version.

Pretty sure you are not meant to do his unless the indent is clearly different (I asked once about this). Otherwise it can only be one of the five allowed variants in the main track files.

But I guess ‘different’ could be matter of judgement and happy to be corrected if I’ve got this wrong.

Ahide! Strange that an elite author get’s away with it, but his work is soooo good, I guess it’s ok! :smiley:

Ok thanks!

How is it okay if his work is really good? If it’s not allowed, it does not matter if the author is awesome are not.

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Hey @AVOCADO_SOUND, maybe it was ok back then when that track had been released. I don’t think it is a matter of what level an author is.

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It’s a quite annoying rule IMO. I can understand why it’s there, since otherwise everybody would be doing it and the Logo category would be full of tail-cuts that weren’t really supposed to be logos in the first place. Also, it’s a well-intended prolongation of the original principle that you shouldn’t upload the same item more than once.

However here’s why it’s annoying.

  1. Many track endings would actually be great as logos/idents
  2. You’ve spent a day or more perfecting a track and it would be sooo easy to just cut and polish the tail
  3. Even if you include a short version in the original item it’s unlikely that someone looking for a Logo in the Logo category would actually find it (since it’s now in the Music category)
  4. In the end you don’t even care to add the ending as a version and potential market value is lost (for authors, buyers and Envato)
  5. When authors do break the rule, mostly it goes unattended, creating more ambivalence like this

I tend to think it should be allowed, since I’m mainly producing full length tracks. However, authors who mainly upload logos may not benefit from the additional competition.