Make Logo from Music?

Hi guys! I have not found the answer neither in the forum nor in the help, so I ask the question here.

I have published tracks on AJ in music category. Can I of these tracks to make a logo and post it in the category “logo idents”? And also is it possible to write a link to the logo in the description of the original track?

Thanks for you help.

Hey @AlphaStudioStock!
If the logo you make is part/cut of the song, you upload it as a variation of the original track in the same package; on the other hand if the logo is different (chords, melody etc) but uses the same instruments as the track you can upload it as a logo separately. I read this somewhere some time ago, I could be wrong though.
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Hoho , You try upload like logo , maybe reviewer do`not see ))):joy:
And u will lucky ))):wink::sweat_smile:

Thanks)) I’ll try to do so))

no… thanks :blush: