What does it means reversal sale ?

I noticed the number of my sales is getting reduced and when I go to the statement tab I see negative funds and next to it written “Sale Reversal”.
What does this means ?

There are multiple causes but it all comes down to the funds for that payment being forcibly taken from Envato. So, for example, if a purchase was made with a stolen credit card, it would result in a Sale Reversal once the payment was reversed by the bank. It is not the same as a refund.

Some of the original reversal sales have passed more than 3 months, Is it normal to discover it after this period ?

Yes, most banks can do it within 90 days.

And some allow up to a year (personal experience).

As far as I know, American citizens are guaranteed reversal rights. It means that they can contact their credit card issuer, say that they do not recogonize one of the transactions, file a complaint and get their money back.

There might be few reasons for this:

  • They are not satisfied with the quality of product or service and want to get their money back without asking for a refund
  • Their card was stolen and used to make a purchase and now the owner wants to get his money back.

Sadly setting a very low price for a theme worth more than 39$ could bring this type of people who might buy the theme then contact their bank to get their money back, and the funny truth is I give refund to any one ask for it but I decided if I saw reversal sale again I will temporary disable that item.