What Do You Think of Instagram's New Logo & How Would You Have Redesigned It?

Hello Graphic Designers!

As we all probably saw, a couple of weeks ago Instagram rolled out and updated app on iOS (and hopefully by now Android), as well as a new logo.

The logo redesign has met with, well let’s just say, mixed reaction. So, I thought I’d put it to you all.

In this thread I’d love you all to share:

  • What you think of the new logo
  • How you would have redesigned it

I’d like to then compile some of these into a list of designs and quotes from you all in an article for Community.Envato.com

Have at it community!


I don’t like the new logo. Its my opinion.
Probably I am old fashioned

I don’t like the new logo too. I think the old one was better. It was more recognizable.

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I like it.
I think this colors will be this years trend.


i like it it’s unique, and the new design suitable with mobile icon .
i think this color will be Design Style soon .

I think it is too simple the last one was outdated but over all i prefer they should have got for a more happy meduim.

As I think it looks much better then old one, but if the middle circle be thinner it will be better, I like it.

The design is OK, but the color very shiny, may be if there use one or two colors the result will be more acceptable.

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If they uploaded it to Envato, would it be hard rejected :grinning:


Rekt ^.^ :joy:

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I also do not like the new logo !!! Not cool! :slight_smile:

LOL That is funny :slight_smile:

I think good margin color
the reason:
(Different colors can indicate) :Difference Instagram with other products Suchlike.
Or indicate that different ethnic groups can use it.
I’ve done a few small changes on the logo.(For full meaning of)

But it is funny.

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I love it, the colors so different compared to others icon

This belongs on Reddit. :joy:

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thats nice man :slight_smile:

don’t like the new logo too, the old logo was much better