New logo, what do you guys think?


Hi Guys,

For a while now I’ve been annoyed by my own logo. It seemed a bit dated from the start, so I decided to create something a little more fresh and modern.

What do you guys think? Is it better? Should I implement it?

Here’s the old logo by the way:

New one:


Yes, it is better, much better in fact.


Definitely better. Really like the 3D effect from the shadowing.


Hm… To my opinion grew background better in old logo… :expressionless:


Better - much more modern and clean. Though I liked the richer, darker colours in the older design - the new ones are a little washed out at the moment.


I’m not an expert by far but I think that shadow is overused and too common. It looks cleaner though.


I like the texture in the old logo, but the new drop shadow is cool!


As another guy with a logo of coloured blocks, I think it definitely looks much cleaner and sharp. I like it.


Looks more professional, i’d like to see it without texture on the grey background