Improvement to logo?

Hey Folks I think this is the best place to ask advice on this.
I made my logo myself on photoshop. I am happy enough with it except I feel the ‘studios’ part kind of throws the whole design off a bit. I’m thinking maybe if I made it more sharper/angular or pehaps just similar to the ‘azatrend’ font above.
I would appreciate any advice on this.

I love a rebrand, especially on AudioJungle, well done! :star:

My feedback would be…

  • Decide whether you want to be known/branded as “AZA” or “ATS”
  • Drop everything in your logo except the “AZA” or “ATS” (whichever one you go with). “Aza Trend Studios” doesn’t necessarily need to be part of the actual logo.
  • I think your current logo is too busy. Get rid of “Azatrend” and “Studios” in the logo. It’s barely decipherable in a small avatar, especially with the AJ audio player over the top of your item thumbnails.
  • I kinda like where your color palette is going, it’s quite original, but you might want to tweak it a little but so there’s a bit more contrast.

Good luck!

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Thanks a million scottwills

Yes it hadn’t occurred to me that I didn’t have to have my whole name in the logo. Nice one. I will try that now. I feel whatever brand recognition I have built up so far won’t be lost with a change like that as I will keep the same colour scheme and main logo shape. I’ll mess around with trying to get a better contrast too. Thanks again :smile:

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How about that scottwillis?
I promise I’m not going to start wreaking your head over this now lol. I’ll sit on it a bit before I go and start updating my channels with it.

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hi, sorry but where is the link i cannot see it …

Hey n2n44, I only changed the logo on my avatar here. My original one is still on my audiojungle profile.