What do you do with your Hard Rejected tracks?

So I recently finished a few tracks that I thought were pretty solid and uploaded them here. I was a little surprised that they were both rejected because of the general commercial quality.

I’m not upset or angry, I’m sure that the reviewer(s) had their reasons for rejecting the tracks and that’s totally fine. What I am wondering is: what do you guys do with tracks that are rejected for this reason? The tracks are obviously not worth attempting to change enough to re-upload here; I’d rather just write new tracks to upload here, but it seems like a waste of work and time to just leave them sitting on my hard drive.


I submit to other sites what AJ elects not to keep. Each site has its own requirement and desired type of music. It takes more administrative effort on your part, but it is worth it if your tracks are fine. If you believe in your work and think it’s commercially viable, then expand to additional sites.

Ok that’s what I figured. Do you have a list of other sites you recommend? I haven’t really seen any other sites that are as nice as AJ.

This “illusion”.

we are supposed not to mention other similar sites here but remember Google is your friend.
I also upload all my hard rejected items in similar sites and some of them have nice feedback from buyers…

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