What Is Next Station Your Rejected Tracks ?

Hi, As title saying where do you send them so moving them to another store or erase completely?

Whats your favorite best second store alternative?




It’s not allowed by forum rules to talk about any competitors sites, so I don’t think you’ll get any exact name, but there are a lot of royalty free music sites out there. Just try them by yourself. Anyway if you think your tracks are are of good quality it would not be very smart move to delete them or leave them on your hard drive to collect dust.


I came here to say there is a place in Heaven where all those tracks can beat so loud and proud as they want called Trashcan, but you shot first… like Han Solo. :joy::joy::rofl:


In my opinion, some rejected tracks here might be very welcome in other places… you never know… :slight_smile:
the most important question is, are you proud of your work? did you have fun? if is this your case, maybe you don’t need to delete your song, even being rejected in this marketplace. :smiley:

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Delete without thinking and move on! Movement - life!

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Try a few non exclusive sites


Hi @Umit_Y !
Any track that you do is spent time and effort, I do not think that “hard rejection” tracks should be thrown right away into the basket. Leave them as a “rarity”, maybe sometime or somewhere they will come in handy (not necessarily in some kind of market, but as a promotion for some kind for video for free or other utilities or even just to listen in social networks for the sake of PR your core portfolio (commercial and non-commercial tracks, so to speak). I always save all my tracks and do not delete anything (and source files too). :slight_smile:
If space on your computer is critical for you, then it’s better to buy one additional hard disk for 1 or 2 terabytes (and save your tracks there), musical creativity is much more important than money spent on an 1 additional hard disk.
I think so, good luck! :slight_smile:


Yes to delete it does not seem like a very good idea .


Great words! :slight_smile:

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