Hard rejected stuff feedback.

Hi guys, could you give me some feedback about my hard rejected track?


It will never be approved ‘as is’ - you can’t be an exclusive author and sell your items elsewhere also.

I’m just curious: what was the whole story here? I cannot find a link to a track.

I guess it is the Pond5 link. I uploaded my track to Pond5 after Audiojungle rejected. What kind of link can I post here?


It’s a link to another marketplace which is against forum ToS, but more - you can’t submit items that are for sale on another marketplace when you are listed as an exclusive author on envato.


Hello @anon43356995!
You are on the Envato forum, and all the topics that we discuss here relate to this market (Envato and P5 are not connected in any way, but rather competitors), I think the other market has its own forum where you can publish it. If you say “hard rejected” here (on AJ) then you can upload your track to the soundcloud and put the link here so that someone can give you feedback on your track.
Good luck!


While I do not have anywhere near the experience that @CleanMagicAudio has in audio files, it won’t matter where you host demos to get feedback - you are an exclusive author so you cannot have it listed for sale elsewhere whilst submitting it on AJ.

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Hi @charlie4282 !
He most likely meant that his track was “hard rejected” here(AJ) and after that he uploaded this track on P5. But if the track was already there (on P5) then it cannot be put up for sale here. I don’t know the whole story of what happened here. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you are right; I am just assuming that anyone asking for feedback on the item following a rejection is because they hope to resubmit it, which wouldn’t be possible given that it is for sale on P5

Again, I am tone deaf and no very little about the audio market, but certainly in websites etc. we see people do exactly this (often with the best intentions to remove it should they get approved) but unfortunately it’s not always managed properly and I would be surprised if, as part of a review it might not show up elsewhere if it was even temporarily for sale elsewhere.

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Normally what I do is uploading on Audiojungle first. If it is hard rejected than I go for P5.

Absolutely right.

Yeah, except the last time I got forum feedback, sorted my track following some thumbs up by you guys, and resubmitted, I got a warning for resubmitting a previously hard rejected track!

This is the link for my tracks. Give me some feedback guys!