What do you do with your rejected tracks?

Hey there! Just wanted to ask the community: what do you do with your rejected tracks?

Let’s say for example, you have a track or two (or more…) that you’re really proud of, but they’ve been rejected. Let’s also say for example, that maybe after they’ve been rejected, you may have reworked them, or improved them in some way, and they’ve still been rejected. Let’s also say that you’ve even submitted them to another respectable stock music library, and they’ve been rejected there, too. So for all intents and purposes, these tracks, no matter how awesome they are (or you think they are), have little chance of being included in any good stock music library. It seems to be a shame to let them waste away on your hard drive, never to be heard, so what do you do with them now?

I’d find a vocalist, write some lyrics and put it on Youtube.

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I trade them elsewhere :slight_smile:

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Thanks, MagicBSDC. Would you be at all willing to elaborate on that a bit more?

i have a playlist on my Soundcloud of all of them for vloggers and youtubers to use for free. It is great exposure!

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