What can I say in my honest template review? Author always reports and system delete it.

Hello Guys,

I have a question regarding the review system.
I bought a template a few months ago, then found it does not match the description and it is almost useless, I tried to post an honest review, but the author always report it, they threatened me that my account is being disabled.
Any of you faced the same problem? Then there is no relevance for feedbacks if the worst ones are always deleted.

What can I say in my review?
That was the last one:
I would like to share my honest experiences.
Unfortunately, most of the real negative feedbacks were reported and deleted.
IF you have any questions, just drop me a message, I will answer honestly. (2k is the char limit here)
I have no benefits in writing this, I would like you to avoid a lot of headaches.

I’m in WP site building for 5 years, built a lot of sites, then for a client tried to build a classified site and I’ve chosen classifieds.

IT is a bundle of almost 10 plugins. Most of them are outdated for example Revolution slider is still 5.X version, they are over version 6 now.

They say ,you don’t need premium plugins for this bundle, yes, you can use their outdated and insecure versions.

Unfortunately the support is poor, the reponse time is good but most of the answers are without content. Tey can only answer 1 question at a time and most of the times just sending a link to a tutorial, which is not answers your question.( I could “teach” them how to close the support tickets)

I had a problem what they said is a known problem(bookmarking ads), fix is coming today. 3 months passed. I was just keep asking then I’ve always got an excuse.
And they also wanted to fix my site via remote support If I want instant fix. (Then I had to keep an eye of this manual fix every time I update… )

I tried to build the simplest site I can, just 3 listing levels, 1 free and 2 paid, only PayPal.
Classiads has a built-in payment method.
Unfortunately, it isn’t working. I set up a PayPal sandbox environment, it worked flawlessly with PayPal woocommerce plugin (both sandbox and live), but first tried to use the built-in method, no luck, the support just keep repeating that they need my LIVE PayPal credentials to check the settings… What the heck, I thought? Exactly that is why I created a sandbox, I gave them the sandbox credentials, but they wanted life. I asked what settings would they like to check, they just said, without my live credentials they cannot do anything.

And WoW - finally the complete theme was deleted from the marketplace :slight_smile:

Bot how the hell they could survive here and do over 6k sales and 5 star feedbacks, for nothing ? ?

No money back guarantee ? :smiley:

Here is no solution
Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you.

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Thank you, I will try.
This would be an epic fail if my customer wouldn’t failed the launching by himself :smiley: