Sometimes I don't understand reviewer thoughts. :(

That’s what I’ve got for on one of my HTML template.

NOTE: There was no PSD files included with HTML. :slight_smile:

I still not understand

I think the second and third note have to do with PSD files if you have included any.

Next time don’t include PSD, sell it separately if you want

@Maxdp, there was no PSD with HTML template.

@DrunkPixelThemes, there was no PSD with HTML template.

:tired_face: I guess resubmit it and see if they notice their error and correct it?

I already resubmitted it. But the fact is, first 2 times review takes 1-5 hrs, but from 3rd time review takes 3-5 days. This item 1st reviewed after 14 days, it’s been 24 days it still on review. Two reviewer giving me different different issue every time. I don’t know, how long I have to wait more. :slight_smile:

I know, it is terrible. Sorry it happened.

But there isn’t a solution without waiting, as disappointing as that is. :expressionless:

Keep us updated. If it happens again you should go straight to support.

This mistakes happened first time for me. But multiple reviewer with different different issue each time happen almost every time with my items. :frowning:

From what I have seen it is normal for you to get different issues from different reviewers; many times they don’t give you every issue at once I guess. It’s weird.

But if they give you an irrelevant review a second time then definitely contact support.

I got it. Thanks.
And you know, because of this type of situation, a HTML takes almost a month to finish review process and got approval. :frowning:
I have now 4 item prepared and ready to submit. My team also preparing some more. If this situation continue, I’m not sure when I will able to submit all items. I cannot make a idle situation for my team. They have to continue their works.

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