[FEEDBACK NEED] - Soft Rejected HTML5 Template - Don't know reason (reviewer don't know too probably)

Hello to all.

I need to say that I’m really disappointed in review team, since I don’t want to make mistakes on purpose when I submit template. So, every time when I submit my work, they find some page which is not W3c valid, or some console log error. After I fix those items my item is accepted.

When I try to submit work and make it bug free, with no errors, W3C valid, etc, I usually wait for 7 days, get generic feedback that my item need improvements or typo changes. So, conclusion is that I need to make mistakes on purpose so they will notice that, I’ll fix errors and my item will be approved.

My first feedback was based on type. So I added two different fonts and versions, more colors, but again, generic answer.

I’m non-exclusive Author (ThemeForest takes 67% of each sale), and some of our items are really popular, we was featured on TF, and we are constantly trying to improve our work (Design and Code skills).

I just want to say that this review system is not okay since if some reviewer DON’T LIKE PERSONALLY our taste, he should hard reject work, and not soft-reject WITHOUT any reason or real feedback. All what we get is “make improvements”.

Because of that, I hope so some of you guys will give me any kind of feedback for our work -> http://demo.themestreet.net/ruby/ so we can make those “improvements” and I hope so that some reviewer will have much better day and that ThemeForest will improve at least feedback since they are taking 67%. I hope so we deserved that. I, and probably most of you just DON’T like if approval of our items depends of taste only one reviewer. What if ton of customers like our template / theme ?

I hope so someone understand this.

Thank you very much.

Kind regards,

Hi Nicola,

I am totally agree with you review process is very disappointed. No proper feedback, no screenshots, repeated issues with too long waiting time. I think its time to ask for big change.


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i agree with you man . they do this all the time. if you will make perfect theme with no console errors and validate your theme. they will still soft reject it with no reason and will give you generic feedbacks

Sorry but this simply is not true - if your file is up to the necessary standard it will be approved, irrelevant of who you are , where you are based or how experienced an author you are.

For what it is worth I agree it would be great if the review times could be faster and provide detailed feedback however the likely reasons why this is not possible is not their nor envato’s fault e.g.

@ThemeStreetNet - with respect while your design is not bad there are still some glaring issues with the typography and with all due respect I can see why a reviewer soft rejected it.

  • The logo is not great

  • Load more on homepage does not actually ‘load more’

  • Contact page could be way better. the puck a number thing is cool but the layout and visual of the form is not great and the map looks pixelated

  • the biggest problem area is the posts and the styling there

The shadow is not great looking

The category titles up top is a good positioning but type makes them feel insignificant

The titles, widget and content all feels very heavy and quite bold with a lack of distinction

The italic ‘Quotes’ are too big and again lack distinct styling

I do not get the point in the short list at the bottom of the posts

  • The ‘More’ button on post feeds feels lost

  • You should demo more post types e.g. gallery, slider, music, quote.


Thanks for feedback!

Well, for me that is feedback. You mention several things and all straight in eye, and I’ll try to fix all you recommended. That’s what I’m asking for from reviewers instead of generic answers.

I really appreciate your help and I’ll strive to fix all those issues and will upload again and see what’s going on there.

Thanks once again!