What are your worst nightmares as a graphic designer?


Mine is micromanaging boss or client. Basically they are people who hire graphic designers and make them a robot. I experienced this in a company I worked before, I wrote a resignation letter after around 8 months.

A micro manager is a boss or manager who gives excessive supervision to employees. A micro manager, rather than telling an employee what task needs to be accomplished and by when, will watch the employee’s actions closely and provide rapid criticism if the manager thinks it’s necessary… Micromanagement generally has a negative connotation.


hi, well for me, no doubt , this is narrow minded customers supposedly willing to create something when they are indeed waiting for copying a crap that they have seen somewhere and that is really poor … this basically also underlines that some people are really afraid to bring some different to the table …

to another extent what is horrible is to realize that there are so many people who are sticking to their good old very large amount of badly written texts and who fail to understand that the visual part is the way to communicate nowadays since the great majority of people have no time and no desire to read tons of information to get one or two that they are interested in … people should go straight to the point / offer concise writings


To me is making a logo for a friend who has a company… you start with 4 options then you end up making 100 versions of that logo for the next 3 months because he’s your friend…

More professionally, the other nightmare is when a customer has an idea for an advertisement in his mind, and you try to help him choosing the best graphics, but he ends up forcing you to make 20 corrections until you get exausted and he gains his ugly advertisement exactly the way he had previously making you waste time (and making him waste money…)

I’m still young so I guess I just don’t know the tricks to prevent the customer from asking too many changes when we decided for a certain price… ):

(so I’m a part-time graphic now lol, at least I don’t have to deal with them as much as my boss)


OMG! I love this question.

“The Micromanager” is by far a graphic designers biggest nightmare. I found that MM’s are generally found in small companies where there is no strong user-centered design process or statement of works in place. Or they can be clients who are non-technical and come from a banking or non-creative background - but the micro manager also doubles as a bully and exhibits control freak like tendencies that has left a trail of destruction in his wake. If you find yourself in this position or find out that the last designer he worked with never got paid, move on as fast as possible.

:slight_smile: @rafaelrasalanit sounds like you did! I hope you found a new great job with an appreciative team :slight_smile:


Well said. In the end it’s a good thing that I experienced it. I have learned a lot from it but will never let it happen again :slight_smile:


The never ending annoying task of always explaining the amount of work that goes into each design or project and justifying the money asked to do the work. You get these customers that ask you for a quote for a professional design and when they get the quote they ask why is it so expensive, like we as designers do all these designs in 1 minute and don’t put in any hard work or late hours into it. I sometimes want to ask them “Have you seen how much a Picasso painting is worth?”. I know I’m not Picasso because I don’t use paint and a brush, but at the very least we as designers are all modern day mini Picasso’s with our own signature design styles and our paint, paintbrush and canvas are in the digital realm. My work has value and time and effort went into each design, it has character. I want to come to your job and get what you sell or offer for next to nothing. End of psychotic rant.