Have I gone blind? Help me!

Hello guys,

I am attaching here a logo i submitted 8 days ago in GraphicRiver, it was one of these cases where I fell in love with my creation and was so sure it would be approved as the idea was unique, the market for the logo is there, and I feel the execution was also excellent (unless I have gone blind). Please, help me understand how to better my logo and provide a GraphicRiver worthy logo. I know the market is oversaturated with logos nowadays and I only get approved of very unique ideas, and i feel this was such an idea.


The design itself and colors look amazing, I love it :smiley: just dropping something positive. Hopefully some more seasoned graphicriver authors will have more insightful feedback on the rejections reasons…

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this is cute and tasteful but honestly , there are a few problems about the logo. First of all, at this stage , the logo can be redone rather easily and rather quickly too , which is decreasing the commercial potential of it. Look, if u cannot really save time, why buying? people will be more likely to try to save money in this case … otherwise, the text is not in the right proportion, if u ask me, the illustration is prevailing a bit too much at this stage , the text and thus name should be bigger and probably imbricate a little bit more with the illustration part … the typo is also clean but quite frankly also super flat and common, and the thing is that , no matter where u post in GR , expectations are high in terms of typo, this is probably the thing that people will consider most … it looks as if, u do not have a vertical version too and as far as i understand, this is demanded too

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The approach is nice but the concept is overdone. There are tones of logos with something between brackets.

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Thank you, it makes complete sense. I didn’t know about the vertical versions, while about the font, I feel that a clean, flat font is way more professional than some overcomplicated type of font. But regarding the fact that you can recreate this easily, it is absolutely right, but I always feel that geometrical logos have more value, but I guess, only if i am doing exclusive work and not in template, this comment really gave me some good insight on how to improve. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input, while it’s super true that brackets + something is overdone, there was nothing in the market for “parallel programming” which in itself is a sub branch of computer science. Many companies / people specialised in parallel programming offerings would have found this logo suitable as the other programming logos do not incorporate the parallel concept in any shape or form.

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Thanks a lot, appreciate your nice words.

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original does not mean “overcomplicated” , besides, in your mind, do u feel that a work will be more valuable to a potential buy if u use a flat rather usual one or a more “researched” font combination? for me this is option2, for sure … now u are free to follow or not but u have to keep in mind that typo is a center part here no matter where u are posting … now if u do not mind potentially expeiencing a lot of rejection, u can choose to keep going like this , the same goes for simple shapes … this is up for u to choose … but all in all , if u accept no idea of changing anything , i have trouble to identify how u could get things accepted unless u bring a concrete like concept …


As i told you, your comments gave me valuable insight that i didn’t have previously. I am much thankful. I am acknowledging the fact that simple shapes aren’t cut for the template market, it never occurred to me that this could be a case, since as a designer i have strived to simplify as much as possible when i design for a client. If you take dribbble or behance into account all the top guys in the industry choose simple but smart shaping however this is a template market so I should adapt.

Actually after your feedback I feel confident I can get approved next time. Also, I see you commenting a lot on other designers for feedback, which only a few people do, you are doing a wonderful job with that as you always go into details and explain yourself. Much thankful!

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yeah if other guys have decided to jump off the cliff, u will do the same ? lol (small joke, ok :slight_smile: )and for me , here is what i think, a lot of guys are trying to favor minimalistic styles and simple creations, this is faster to do and some of them do not require so much skills indeed, but the fact of the matter is that most of the guys who do end up with things that a customer could do by themselves , in other words , things that bring nothing to the table … most importantly again, this is up to some guys not to follow , i cannot do anything about it, though , designers who do this simple shoot a bullet in our feet in the longer run … why do u think that so many things are pushing these styles according to u? because people like it?! lol well they are taught to like it and the reason behind this is that if they manage to have a uniformed global taste of the people like what has been done in some other industry, this is simple , they will replace us with automated services and we will all “be useless” and run out of job … so the guys who do this as a job and not a passion … they can rest assured they will have to change career … for others , they will starve or have to change too , no matter is they like it or not as they won’t be able to live out of their passion anymore …


Hi, as far as I’m concerned, I will add a few small remarks too.

We are far from the time where to make a design, the software alone could not do the trick, it was necessary to have spent years learning to become a designer and therefore it was only tools of execution with of course a few extras to give punch to the creations.

Nowadays softs have become by the simplifications of the users interfaces and the panoply of tools within the reach of the users of formidable powerful software and which can save us time and even rendering undeniably breathtaking, but each advantage has its downside, a software can certainly allow us to produce impressive results but we lose quality in favor of quantity, since everyone for different measure to have the same result.

Unfortunately this is our current reality, and that is why we must try to keep in mind that nothing will replace originality which can alone make a difference.

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lol what u are saying maybe true in a way but , let’s face it, too, the more time goes by and the more softwares are offering tools, a lot of them being not really so useful and, at the same time, the more possibilities are huge out of “knowing what u can do” with them (and a lot of people don’t, this is the bottom line). What i mean by that is that some things may have been more accessible than in the past , but on the other hand, the more your proficiency makes a difference out of really knowing what to do with the concerned tools and options, which is contrasting with the very minimalistic boring “all lookalike” things that designers are being brought to do (determined ideology with a purpose in mind), supposedly to match the taste of people lol (what a joke as this is being worked out by advertising and many things to make everything uniformly imposed)
i agree 100% with what u said as regard to originality , though, even here, we are likely to be pushed the other way around … look at what is being the most accepted and u will see that the point is not originality and diversity but rather uniformity , unfortunately , let’s also talk the talk, not that hard to understand why this is such … the more people will manage to impose minimalistic things as “being the real deal” , the less creativity will matter and the more likely it will be easy to get rid of designers / workers to replace them with automated systems … but it looks like some guys enjoy shooting a bullet in own feet …

The point is that aesthetically the geometric and minimalistic logos are way superior to complex logos. I haven’t jumped any cliff yet, but if I do it would be just to get approved in GraphicRiver. With the current state the current envato logo itself would get rejected by the reviewers. I find it hard to believe that a perfect sphere is inferior to distorted elliptical shape, and that flat colors are inferior to glossy gradients with unnecessary shadows. This is talking just about the logo as a genre. Logo templates are different and most of your remarks make sense, nobody is looking to get their exclusive brand done in a template, hence what you say makes sense.

Regarding the technology replacing the design jobs, I think it’s such a broad field that it would take more than our lifetime to see that happen, although I hope it to happen soon, I am excited to see the advancement of technology, it would mean the advancement of humanity. However, creation of shapes can be done, but putting meaning and context behind a shape for a brand takes a lot more than just neural network weighting the coefficients of each human decision, especially in such a field that everything is subjective.

lol well if u do not need any clue whatsoever and that u are sure that all you did is perfect all the way , why coming to ask here … actually , we (a few guys) try our best to take advantage of our personal experiences and knowledge to try to help … we do not have universal knowledge and cannot make sure 100% that evoked reasons are necessarily the true reasons for the rejections … now , in any event, if u do not feel like this is legitimate to give us credit and that what we are saying maybe valid, u are free not to do and to get a possibly a whole lot of additional logos rejected , since , this far, what u have been doing does not seem to be working so well indeed, so that u end asking here … BTW, i guess u do not get it … marketplace is not agency … i know both … there is much to say about both as they all have incredible coherences going on, but here, just like in an agency , this s what there is in common, u do not "create what u like " as envato used to mention , no, u don’t, unless u are ok to have a good deal of stuffs that they may feel like not accepting and binning in a second … this is not so different than in an agency where “your creativity” is being shattered into pieces by narrow minded people who could not careless about rules of the design industry and tear your arm in your back so that u create nasty things violating all possible rules and pushing u into copying the style of the nasty logo of their competitors …
as for automated things, u are a visionary , man! LOOOOOOL just in case u did not get it , a year or two ago … envato acquired a small company doing well called placeit , doing what ?! offering automated creations in a DIY way , customers have a whole bunch of elements and they make their “soup” by themselves , so keep praying that u are not seeing this happening anytime soon, this is working , man! lol

I said over and over, you gave me new understanding over differences of a logo template marketplace and exclusive branding. This whole post was fruitful.

Considering placeit as replacement for designers is beyond ridiculous. Placeit might replace jobs of people who only know commands of Illustrator or CorelDraw, as a client even if offered a drag and drop tool with font and symbols can’t create a visually pleasing logo. If anyone gets paid just to move around symbols and texts than it’s fine that placeit gets rid of such jobs, I was referring to AI creating a branding from zero to finish. Also, every other logo maker that uses AI at the moment is so far behind I wonder how they aren’t bankrupt with their end results, maybe they get invested for future perspective they offer…

pls do not take this personally , man - this is not the goal - but i am wandering what is the planet that u are living in and or that are coming from lol u are probably the most out of touch guy that i have ever seen , until i am asking to myself if i should cry or laugh out loud LOL … to think so, i am doubting that u have ever had anything to do with agency work or freelance work one day , to tell u honestly how i feel. I use to discuss with a good deal of guys and guess what?! the whole of us more or less have to deal with the same to a certain extent. That is to say a lot of customers trying to teach you your work (and think that what we do takes no expertise, special knowledge and who could not careless about violating all kinds of rules or having u working for peanuts, very often trying to deteriorate your work after multiple modifications until they feel like they have appropriated your work and made it match with their personal tastes only), when they know nothing about it. More than often, u have to deal with guys who are trying to imagine that their 5-year old nephew starting to use a computer can do the same work as we do or that “all u have to do is click”. If i had had a buck every time that i have heard a lookalike thing like this, during the past 17 years that i have spent in a small agency , guess what, man?! i would be way richer than i am , by farrrrrrrrrr LOL. And i am not even mentioning that your work is alwaaaaayyyyyys tooo expensive, despite they pay an amount way under what is worth the time that u spend. So maybe u are the only and last guy ever to be privileged enough not to even be confronted with this and get to face no of the usual problems that designers massively usually have to deal with … if so , u are so lucky that we should be all of us’ hero! LOL
One of the fact of the matters is that a good deal of people cannot identify what is quality and identify why this is or this not … most of the people think with their personal tastes and feelings and fail to understand problems related to “target” and impact zones, reading process and other things related to industry related rules indeed
i guess u also fail to realize how much the price of a simple template can be pretty high for some populations. I personally have created a logo for a much followed youtube gaming tester with a couple of millions followers and ended up doing for 20$ as the situation in argentina is such that the guy told me that i did not realize how much of a huge amount 20$ turned out to be for there. And guess what, the logo i have created for him was customized and way more unique that the kind of logo that u have posted here! so what do u think? that a good deal of people would like to pay for a logo like yours which is tasteful but made with a simple shape - that they could download for free here or there - with only a text in addition and color and on which there was material to discuss? here is what is happening in real life, either we, designers try to do all the same also out of solidarity or out of liking the challenge or whatever or the guy will find no one to do it for such amount and get to the nonsensical automated services offering low prices despite the quality is a disaster. As for branding from zero to finish lol if u did not get to understand that only some big companies want to pay for this from now on (some do not even want ut of greediness … and expectations to give a large portion of profits to shareholders), u really did not get it …
guess what buddy?! a while ago there was a worldwide company (eureka) which was offering competitions where only winners could get a prize and where the great majority of people posting could get nothing and guess who used this?! large corporations … they paid close to nothing for communication … they kept the good idea without paying anything and gave a 2 - 3 guys a reward and paid one tenth of the price that they used to do … all this cynically assuming what they were doing - like peugeot shareman being interviewed about it and the way they handled such competitions. These things, already were getting rid of jobs, the marketplace thing is getting rid of jobs, too, replacing works in agency by freelance workers and the precarious situation going pari past with it , man! u are though free not to open your eyes and keep faith in luck , though, i guess u can figure out that all the people do not necessarily feel like doing the same as u do and warn other people of the dangerous actions that some guys are having
if u feel like that automation , unless we are all - as much as possible - cautious about what is going on and we try to prevent it, is not likely to happen to us, u are dreaming as the process is already a bit on the way and that people are already starting to uniform tastes worldwide and make it match with their profitable flat minimalistic thing so that they ultimately target us as sort of unuseful and replace us with machines … ultimately getting rid of the “middle man” between the customer and the cash … then keep on dreaming if u feel like it and good luck

ignored message as it looks like self promotion or something like this …

Buddy sorry for the late reply, of course I have had clients tell me exactly what to do but it’s the job of a skillful designer to talk the client into what is best for business. I guess with experience that skill comes along (i haven’t reached that state yet, not bragging or being arrogant). I still suffer from what you mention as we all do, but in a hypothetical world where this type of designers, i.e. lowest tier that are basically toys for clients are replaced by software like placeit or similar, then the value of good design will increase so the top quality of designers will not suffer from such invention, and more likely the designer that served as an inbetween tool between client and software will switch career path and do something that he loves and provide more value to the world, so rest assured, tech progression means human progression.
Now trust me, I have had upwork clients tell me what to do and ended up remaking version after version with costumizable work, and a terrible end product, i got 5 star rating, being disgusted of my own work. I create what i love here, this logo i posted i like it, and I feel many other would buy it. This logo can be taken for free in let’s say argentina, because one person there can recreate the logo in 30 minutes, and i doubt they get paid 35$ per half an hour there, so yes of course. But for clients in US and EU that not only have to deal with licenses etc, but also value the idea and creativity it’s a good deal of business, also 35$ aren’t too much there. Now, making something simple and creative is way harder than doing redundant work my friend, it took me some hours to come to this product which can undoubetly be reproduced in fewer minutes, but a logo that sells and provides value is one which holds an idea, and one that is simple enough to remember. What separates me from the rest if i were to buy the usual brackets for a coding logo? Nothing, this logo provides clear focus to the concept of parallel code which in itself is a genre of programming, maybe the reviewer isn’t even aware of this (i doubt they read the messages tagged along the item).
Bro everything is changing, we have to adapt to everything, why fear change when you can make use of it, i don’t see the trouble of change. I am reading paragraphs of ur text and writing a reply on the same time, so I hope you can follow up. I don’t know man, I would hate myself if all my life i was the middle man between a client and a software, you are practically reading a book to illiterate man for the rest of your life that way, and saying that such people should never learn to read a book because the cash would go to the book author not through me first. We all should evolve.

Long story short, minimalistic logos aren’t a good fit for a logo template. Fair point, i will keep this in mind always before posting again and this was good insight from you. Also, I respect you for taking time to answer and being so active on envato forum and everywhere. Take care man, keep giving your best and no machine can replace you :wink: haha, Much Love <3