What's going on to me!!!! I don't know!!!!

Dear all of my helful friends please tell me details how can i aprove my logo template in graphic river. i all ready submite 8 logo all are hard reject. I am new in graphic river. i don’t know what mistek i ma.

submition mistek or design mistek?

hi , what do u not know? I do not get it … from one time to the other u do the very same mistakes in different “concept” (I should rather logo attempt that would be closer from reality indeed) but always the same mistakes, so obviously the result is the same … once again , your logo is having very little concept, is too simple and can be redone in minutes by anyone who has just normal skills or knowledge of graphic design tools and of course this is limiting greatly the commercial potential of the item and rather justifying a rejection rather than any other thing, as I mentioned to u many times already … (why accepting a file that has close to no chance to sell anyways?) for this to change , just consider bringing a real concept to the table - maybe inspiring from the creativity of others, for instance and also take a look at trends , that may help - and try to offer a more worked out logo that will make people feel like buying to save time or to get design possibilities beyond their personal ones, what is not what u have here at this stage, once again. I used to mention to u that typo is a big deal here - whether we like it or not - and that expectations are high about it , though, once again, u come up with a very flat thing which is completely disconnected, as both illustration and text part have no echo, they are just juxtaposed , period … a logo should make a whole , it should not be looking like a collection of two or three separated parts pasted right next to each other like what u have at the moment. This is a matter of harmony and coherence and if u fail to identify just this, of course that will be hard for u to ever have any item accepted here. PLs keep in mind that u are in a high level category quite crowded , with an extended catalogue of already approved products, as well and that u can create any simple thing u feel like creating and have it all accepted. IN addition, as usual u have contrast issues. Messing with contrast is as bad as it can get … this is basically making u be confronted with additional products in a snowball effect! there is a very negative impact on hierarchy and readability , as well as impact too … it seems to me that I also recommended u to use mockups so that u can value your work and give a hint to potential buyer as regard to how they can use the item at the same time as u also make sure that u bring more convincing preview images to the table. Still about the usual mistakes that u make there is also the lack of tagline which makes u lose opportunity to offer more variations, font combinations and touches of originality to ultimately generate more relief as well. Until u finally come to the point to consider all these things that I mentioned on many occasions and also make sure that this is influencing the things u create, u will keep on having your logos rejected , u must figure this out

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bro I have know Enough mockup. if yor give me some mockup file or a link where i collect some mockup. Although i have some poor colection that are not enough.

thanks again to give me a valuable advice.
next project i will try to more work in a template. and before submit i will try to discus you. next template i will try 100%, so that the project will aprove.

buddy just search the internet , some places are famous for offering quality mockup for free and simply ask u to out a link to their item so that they enable u to use it …
I will tell u once again what I mentioned to many guys already and to u also previously I think … the great majority of guys who tell me they will do next time end up coming here again with another rejected item after they did the very same mistakes … but this is up to u anyways, u just tell so that u are aware , u can do whatever u like with “my advice”