Template rejected. Reason?

Hello everyone.

My template was rejected after 6 days of waiting, and I haven’t got any explanation why. All vectors are clean, perfectly aligned, technically perfect, in formats that cover most industry standard software. Yes, I don’t know what to improve here. I got the feeling that the reviewer simply didn’t like it, because I don’t see any other reason.

Would you mind sharing your thoughts about it?

Here is the preview:


indeed , feedbacks are never provided as reviewers do not have time for this task, u can come to ask here, we will try our best to help u in understanding. This may not be the same but u will have different guys to share their experience and let u think what could or should be modified or changed with what u have …

so here we go , for me , one of the main issues is that the logo is rather easy to redo quickly and easily without having really great knowledge or talent with illustrator, which decreases gamely the commercial potential that your item may and have and thus this is also making it more difficult for reviewers to accept the product if they feel like that the concerned item has very little chance to sell … . In addition, the logo does not seem perfectly executed if u ask me as the line under the palace actually turns out to go outside of the circle and whether u wanted it to be this way or not, the fact of the matter is that this is not aesthetic , this rather looks like a problem of execution rather than any other thing. There is also a lack of breathing inside the circle as the symbol of the palace of justice actually turns out to close fro the circle and this is kind of choking out there in the end. The upper part of the palace by the way looks strange and there is a dissonance between the curved “foundation” of it and the flat surface being under it … and finally i think that there is a rather clean typo but this is not perfect as lacking somehow a bit fantasy in a way and most importantly again, i personally believe that the combination of variations is not working so well in this context, though i usually point out that variations are required , they have to work … here i am not sure that this is really taking your item to the next level to tell u honesty how i feel


@n2n44, thank you for sharing your thoughts. To be honest the only way to improve something is to know exactly what the problem is. I don’t see any technical problems in this logo. Everything you mentioned was intentional and it’s a part of the design. I haven’t started designing yesterday, I’ve got over 15 years of experience in design and won over 150 international logo contests. When you say that something in this design looks “strange”, it might look strange to you, but it might look great to a potential client. You never know. As for the type, I don’t get it. Montserrat is a widely used on. “Lacking fantasy”?? Seriously? It’s a template for a law firm, not for a children’s book.

That’s why I believe the template was rejected simply because the reviewer didn’t like it. It’s a shame that a personal opinion of the reviewer determines what’s available for sale.

If used your criteria to decided what stays on GR, I would have to remove 80% of what’s currently being sold as logo templates.

Also, I don’t understand the part about Illustrator skills. These logos are available on GR for sale, somme of them are selling very well, and I can recreate them faster than writing this post:

[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

Also, some examples of logo templates by @JeriTeam who seems to like your response:

[link removed]
[link removed]
[link removed]

Could you please comment on them by having the same criteria in mind? I believe my proposal would sell well, because it’s versatile, clean, elegant, and no, I didn’t want it to look too fancy. I had a law company in mind, not a circus. Reviewers are not customers, if they reject something they should do it for a reason which can be explained. They have no time for this task? Then what are they doing? Taking a quick look at the logo, and rejecting if they don’t like it? I believe that one line of text with a simple comment would take them 30 seconds, and could really help.

Please, hire me as a reviewer, and this marketplace will be almost empty. First, I’d remove all the items which are selling well for years, but are terribly ugly and amateurish. They sell, because the reality is, many customers buy designs, that you wouldn’t even want to look at. My proposal wan’t bad at all, and it could be a very useful template for many clients. But the game is over, anyway…


hi as regard to what u are saying, then your works are perfect and all is intentional, so no need to do anything! so why coming here? i do not get it … except maybe to show the world how wonderful u are and how all is so unfair, maybe … u may have not started designing yesterday and neither did i indeed, that was over 17 years ago … (but as for myself i still believe that i have much to learn, this maybe the major difference between u and i at the moment). I understand and feel your frustration according to other accepted things, but what to do? well , let me tell u, the best advice that i may ever give is for u to move on, no matter what. Whatever u do will not help with these issues (and i have an idea of what i am referring to, in case u doubt about it, maybe u would know that, if u were knowing who u are addressing and attacking). Otherwise, actually, something that u may have failed to understand is that here u are not working for a customer, u are creating templates and the approach is quite different. Now, u can conclude whatever u like , this is fine. I just came here to help , but if u do not like it, just do not ask or just ignore what i am saying rather than attacking me for trying to help u … by the way, i am sorry to tell u just this, but u can choose not to change anything, this is fine , this is your items which turn out to get rejected and your time that is not going anywhere to help u sell here. For your information, though, when i dealt with fantasy, i was referring not to do a “clownish thing” (that may look “strange” to u but after 17 years in an agency i am sort of a bit aware that, in most cases, lawyers and so on are not going to ask for super fun things!) but giving a creativity touch all the same so that people do not feel like buying a basic template that they could even redo by themselves , does not sound “super crazy” in my view.
By the way let me tell u, u are super lucky , because there are tons of places to sell logos , and, here, may not necessarily be the best selling one, so i am not sure that this is worth all this fuss that u are doing right now. believe me , what u would have to deal with would be way harsher if u were in the print template category (because rejection means item and time lost), so just go to sell your logo in these many platforms and get that incredibly huge amount of money that your such wonderful logo would enable u to get …


@n2n44 - I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. Seriously. I’m sorry if this all sounded like an attack. You didn’t create the rules, and you’re not a reviewer who rejected my template. Please don’t take it personally. If I’m referring to some of the points you made, it’s just for the same of discussing it. Yes, there is some frustration, creating a template is not only preparing a file, I actually prepared 2 different layouts, and had to recreate it on all formats, plus writing excessive description and instructions for a potential client, so yes, there are emotions here. Simply because someone rejected it, and it wasn’t a client, but a middle man. Yes, it is also very frustrating to see tons and tons of really bad designs selling well, and it’s all possible because someone accepted it.

I value your feedback about the design. I really do. I know it can be done better, I know that some flair can be added to it, I know all that. But my indention here was to make it flat, simple, plain. no shadows, no gradients, and yes - it might not look like something perfect, but in the end, it is still technically good, symmetrical and can look elegant when printed. I guess it would do no harm to approve it and see if it sells. It still looks way better then many other designs uploaded 5-6 years ago. That’s why it’s painful to see them available for sale, but having one rejected for a reason that was not stated clearly. Your thoughts are very welcome, and I thank you again for sharing them with me, but in the end and don’t know what was the reviewer’s actual reason.

Thank you again, and I apologize for sounding rude. I’m only a man trying to figure out the injustice behind the system. If there is a level of quality, it should be clear, and should apply to everyone. Many of the examples I posted earlier look not so great, would they pass today’s quality level required? I don’t think so. But if they’re still available for sale, then we have some more privileged designers here.


Keep in mind that all of the logos you posted are at least 5+ years old, and the standard has changed since then. If these logos were submitted today, they would likely be rejected.


hey buddy , do not worry, i have seen a lot here already lol - and in the agency i am working for , as well , too lol - as i told u , i understand and feel your frustration, i seriously do. These are legitimate, BTW, as most of us do our best , invest time and effort and the result is not always the one that we had wanted in the first place (and of course u are no exception). i can understand it all of what makes u feel not good as regard to the rejection of this item but as i mentioned - and i really did to help u indeed - there is not much that u can do about it but move on and to actually try to come back again with even more professional and high-level product to offer … . once again, all is not lost for u , u do not have to trash the item, period , like some of us have to do sometimes. So make the most of this , just go to upload your item in another platform and try to see how it goes, this is very possible that the item does pretty well indeed. As Xiox told u also , if u have to compare things , u have to do it with things that make sense and as regard to the fact that the market has dramatically changed over the years, with the standards raising, with more and more guys in town and with more and more already approved items - which is necessarily makes all of us try to bring this extra touch that will make a difference - and some trends changing also … besides, this takes me to what i have forgotten to tell u, one of the main trend nowadays is logos where some shapes are being subtracted from (an)other(s) , using much the pathfinder actually , maybe u could / should consider the things and keep them in mind to create items, this is a possibility but this depends on u , also depending on the creative process of yours. Also if u need special pieces of advice there are a few experts here that may help u like @Opaq or @djjeep, @BossTwinsArt


Hi. If you uppload this logo in 2012-2013 - you been approved. But for now is sooo simple and similarity for other works. ( I have 100 + rejected logos in this year… (( and for my opinion stronger and logos with commercial potential are rejected…)) and this situation have many authors… (( but and now approved many items and I dont know WHY…BUT I not reviewer and Envato not art school with advice…)

We must think more creativity and more about unique concepts, styles, colors, fonts choice…

Good luck! :wink:

P.S. I have logo where I redesigned 8 times!!! and approved for a 9.

Dont give up!


Yes @djjeep

This logos old years 2013 - 2014 been approved…
2020 logos will to be hard rejected because need more expert logo will to be approved.

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u said it all buddy :slight_smile: thanks for your help to this community member :slight_smile:

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hey buddy, well i have just found - i should rather mean that indeed youtube did for me lol - something that may help u , at least i hope so :slight_smile:


Thank you @n2n44

My concept was actually following this “flat” trend, it was simple and highly scalable, a very versatile concept, hence my idea to make a template out of it. So, I guess, the reviewer didn’t like it.

Also, I’m participating in many international contests, and believe me, most of the logos which were mentioned in the video you posted, would even sell at all. Most clients still buy what’s familiar to them. Imagine the new HP logo, which was also mentioned there, nobody would bought it since it’s too simple. If I uploaded a template like this, it would never be accepted here on GR. Most likely it would never sell in any logo contest out there. You know why? Because logo contests are for start-ups, or some very small clients, who usually have no idea about design trends, so they pick old school logos, which frustrates me a lot, but this is the reality. People from HP are smart enough to follow this trend of simplicity with meaning, but no small company would go for it, as they simply don’t understand it. Also, serious companies who are looking for a redesign of their logo, will never ever look for some stock images or cheap templates. They go for huge graphic design studios. They charge them hundreds of thousands of dollars, and provide with something like new HP logo, 4 stripes. Can be recreated in 2 minutes, but I believe they explored dozens of options before choosing.

Anyway, these new logo trends are nice, clean, minimalist, simple - but most of the would never be accepted here as logo templates, because they’re too simple. So - GraphicRiver actually don’t care about these trends. I’ve seen some that were accepted, most of them with 0 sales. But some old and outdated ones which are even terrible in today’s standards, still sell well.

So, lucky designers, who uploaded stuff 5-6 years ago. It will sell for the next 10 years, but those who follow the new trends, will probably sell poorly.

to be honest i have not watched the video , i will certainly not lie about it and it seemed to me that it could possibly be interesting for u as regard to your issues … otherwise what to say?! lol well this is a point of view that u are expressing … i have a different one personally … u can find some really amazing things nowadays with today’s trends (using the pathfinder much , either merging concept in one or subtracting shapes from others) and that turn out not to be flat and which look worth the prize paying for. This is how i feel. I do not doubt about your experience, about you taking part in competitions and so on. I have mine also , from a small agency and all i can tell is that u have as many situations as customers and that this is really difficult to get to determine any “general line” indeed … what i can also tell u for sure is that, in many areas of the globe - i have created a logo for an argentinian youtuber with quite a great number of followers '(2,5 M) and this is why i tell u such a thing - the price of a logo here looks still absolutely scaring though they are quite affordable and sometimes far away from enabling creators to live well comfortably … so what do u think? that these people are likely to pay a price that they judge scary to get to a simple thing that they could possibly get for free somewhere in the internet or with some of these more or less DIY tools or kits that u can find online? as for me, i think , no … this is not how things are working , according to me … u mentioned about very famous brands, ok, now let me tell u how i feel … i feel like that u are being confused about the fame and the quality of the logo … many world famous brands are not selling for their logos , they are selling out of making a lot of branding, marketing , communication and so on and if the logo had to be judged by itself, apart from being easy so identify , well there are not so many positive things to say about them … now this is up to u to be willing to do the “minimalistic thing” . This is up to u to say ok , designers will be gone in the near future and replaced by machines (because what else do human beings bring to the table if this is nt creativity and the kind of logo that u are talking about are everything but this ) or some tools where people do their own things regardless of all the rules of this profession , because this is what this is all about … why do u think that some push to have these trends being becoming the standard apart form us to be in the longer run replaced by automated services? pls tell me! what u are saying makes no sense at all , in a way , i am sorry to tell u just this but this is what i think. As i mentioned earlier , if u have to choose from a thing that is showing some expertise and another one that is simple and flat and , if u make sense , u choose the worked out one, not the thing that looks like being made in 5 minutes … (and this will make u avoid the boring customer comparing your custom work with the “work” of his 5-year-old nephew supposed to be a genius and using a computer to create complete bs and being compared to your really professional work …). I am going to give u another example, in most of US sport franchises , they have changed their ways, to get to “modern ones” they replaced these amazing logos that they had with texts and guess what , i am not sure that u see one tenth of the sport apparel that u used to see in the streets beforehand, i mean apart form the die hard fans of the sport and team … as for the hp logo , this is normal, if u ask me, u do not get it … these brands are sold these logos because they are dealing with high standard commercial staffs - what clearly small companies do not have , f they ever have any! - that could sell air conditioning to an inuit. But if u believe that as a freelancer or as a normal agency member u can do this, u are just day dreaming buddy … well u’d better try to pray to face the kind of individual that u mentioned, this is the bottom line! so according to u, companies which are small they are because they are stupid and run by stupid people lol interesting kind of thinking and concept. Anyway if u are so much of a very celebrated creator understanding everything about the logo market and so on, just do not waste your time here to create things for people who do not understand anything lol just go to make a whole lot of easy bucks with people accepting to play for simple things. And to further comment what u said , i do not why would the logo category be free from the raising standards that can find in all the other categories and free from the saturation that goes pari past with having more and more guys in town and products for sale … especially as this one is probably on elf the worst , as many people see the category as a n easy way to make money without investing much time and getting already a good price on each sale. Too bad that the kind of sort cut that they are dreaming of simply not existing … finally for the older things selling more easily , wooooohoooo u have discovered the theory of relativity lol sorry for the ironical touch - do not take it personally ok? - the products are more easily being referenced when they spend a long time and that many people relayed them through social networks and so on … this is a huge discovery that u have here lol

The point is - GR should’n have problems with logo templates that are either new style or old style, unless they’re really badly technically executed. Otherwise, they don’t know what’s gonna sell, are there are millions of potential customers, each with a different taste. If the logo is done properly, and the template is technically correct, it should be approved for sale. Personal taste of the reviewer shouldn’t play any role in the selection process. There might be a logo which you don’t like, I don’t like, and all reviewers don’t like, but there are customers which will be looking for it and would buy it straight away. But we will never know. Also. old ugly logos will prevail and are going to be kept here forever, whereas new submissions will be rejected and again - you’ll never know why, because writing a line of explanations it too much for a reviewer. It takes 30 seconds, and I’m sure they don’t have as much time. Something is very wrong with this, and I believe it’s because of extensive supply of new logos. Pandemic time - everybody who bought a computer last week, can become a graphic designer, no school needed. There are still plenty of customers who are looking for pure c*ap.

This looks like a free template. Has nothing special. Why someone will pay for your logo when they have 18 pages filled with free law logos here https://www.freepik.com/free-photos-vectors/law-logo

well i cannot disagree that all styles should be represented and unfortunately this is not enough what happens according to me … and i agree that technical things should be the issue , this indeed and making sure that basic design principles turn out to be respected … u are also right , no one knows what’s going to sell or not, but once we have said this , this has to include u and me , too … as this is the very same for both of us indeed … now that we have said this , u are also somehow contradicting yourself , since, u mentioned that all customers are different, their expectations turn out to be too … so the simple thing should not necessarily prevail , besides, i am sorry to tell u just this, bust some rather simple concepts and logos keep on being accepted all the same. This is not because your did not make it that they are all rejected. Now whether this is right that they accept others and not yours is a different story … and in order for us to deal with this question we would have to get to know what is the criterias that are being used … (i guess that no non-envato member can actually tell u which ones they are …). I am though sorry to tell u just this … but old does not mean ugly or inefficient and , pls do not take this personally ok, but i have not been subjugated by how modern your logo looks , so i think that u are somehow shooting a bullet in your own foot out of saying something like this … i think that the battle u are trying to fight is not the right one! let myself explain what i mena by this … there is a real issue with old items , is not about their quality, as a lot keep on being great and some sell very well (quality and success are though not always linked …),the real deal is that u have a lot of unsold old items that take a lot of space in the market and that are staying there for years and have 0 sales and that are very likely not to ever be sold. Let;'s face it , if these reliques that could not find their potential buyers did not manage to “hit the target” with their potential audience, then , these things will probably never sell, period and this is what would free some space and enable to reject a little bit less nowadays and this would also probably gap the discrepancy about the quantity makers with the quality makers! the extensive supply of logos makes me laugh as far as i am concerned i used to advocate a long while ago that they block daily submissions to one … for all users , some said that it would potentially even increase the number of submissions, what made me laugh gamely … saying that 10 / month is better … but even if that were true , then shift to one per week! and u will see how people saturating the market with quickly done submissions will have to change their way! this is this simple!and believe me if u go to one per week or something like this, well, items will not have to be rejected so often and they will have more exposure in the end too and probably sell more as well

@DesignSomething, thanks for your input, but seriously? Unfortunately links that I posted earlier on were removed, but go explore the logos for sale here on GraphicRiver, you’ll find tons and tons of the “freepik’s” which sell well here. I’m not saying that my design was a masterpiece, it wasn’t an extremely creative one either. But it was professionally turned into a template, in most formats, and I believe it could be useful for some clients, especially in a law field, as they not necessarily looking for fancy and super creative ones, but rather seriously looking and elegant ones. That’s what I think.

You just admitted that your logo is mediocre. So, you want get approved based on the fact that there are other mediocre logs already approved. This is a wrong approach. I’ve seen many like you over the years here who like to judge by comparison. You have a rejected logo, so what, no big deal. Everyone had rejections at some point. You’d better focus on the next logo than explaining something that no one really cares.

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@DesignSomething - No! I didn’t say that it was “mediocre”, I said it wasn’t a masterpiece. Yes, it was rejected and nothing happened, I’m only puzzled by “no explanation” strategy. I believe that feedback from the reviewer should be mandatory. There are hundreds of reasons for rejection, but it would benefit any designer to know what exactly was the case. “We found it isn’t at the quality standard required” means nothing really. Either the website has some quality standards which should be stated clearly, or the quality standard is in the eyes of the reviewer, and might change from our to our. I don’t like not knowing what’s going on. It’s guessing, and hoping, guessing and hoping, wasting lots of time on the way.

if you don’t care, don’t comment on it. No one asked you specifically, but thank you anyway.

i agree with u my friend but on the other hand we can understand a frustration of having an item rejected and when other sometimes have some very weird things accepted lol